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  1. Hanta Yo

    No rain all summer and now this:

    FH, all we got here was enough snow to make the ground white and that didn't last til noon. We got lots of moisture mostly in the form of rain. Glad we don't have cows anymore...
  2. Hanta Yo

    Hello ladies and gents

    Welcome back!
  3. Hanta Yo

    Hanta Yo here poking my head in to say HI!

    Wouldn't be too difficult to meet for lunch sometime...
  4. Hanta Yo

    Honest Question

    My sentiments EXACTLY
  5. Hanta Yo

    Hanta Yo here poking my head in to say HI!

    We know who you are talking about...they bought a Corgi pup from us a number of years ago. Scott knew your to be Son-in-law in Salmon, where Scott came from. Sure do miss them!
  6. Hanta Yo

    Hanta Yo here poking my head in to say HI!

    It's been a long time, we've been through a lot. We're retired ranchers now, living in town. Raising Corgis instead of cattle and love our puppers.
  7. Hanta Yo

    Hello Ranchers

    Boy, "ain't" that the truth!
  8. Hanta Yo

    Post a Ranch Photo!

    Pic speaks a thousand words...
  9. Hanta Yo

    Post a Ranch Photo!

    Corgis doing their job...
  10. Hanta Yo

    Pray for our President!

    Good to see he is back in the White House...libs are hating it.
  11. Hanta Yo

    Pray for our President!

    Facebook but getting sick of it. Will lurk around here more often :ROFLMAO:
  12. Hanta Yo

    Hello Ranchers

    Looks like the avatars from FB
  13. Hanta Yo

    What's the weather like at your place?

    Hey, BMR been awhile...it's been horribly dry here...just got done with the Bobcat fire near Roundup, MT. We've moved closer to Roundup and have sold all our cows...can't make any $$$ off them :(
  14. Hanta Yo

    Pray for our President!

    We pray for them every day. Finding them with WuHan virus (call it what it is) has brought the most despicable character flaws out from the looney left. The Trumps are great people. TRUMP2020!
  15. Hanta Yo

    Assassination Posts

    It's been awhile since I've been on here. Now Obama is in the rearview mirror in my history anyway, and he has never changed...we're finding out how corrupt Obama and his minions really are. Hopefully Trump will be able to clean the swamp. He never cleaned up DC, Jigs. He made it more corrupt.