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    Punch side trailer for horses?

    I am looking for a new aluminum stock trailer, have an Elite stock trailer now and have had lots of problems with cracking on the back corners as well as a few other spots. I have heard the Wilson or Merritt are really durable. I haul horses in it more than cattle and don't know how the punch...
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    Has anyone used C HARLAND TOO ET?

    I am planning to AI a bunch of black commercial cows to a Hereford bull, looks like Genex has the best service in this area. Has anyone used this bull or know anything about him? http://genex.crinet.com/beef/index.php?action=DETAIL&code=1HH00107&lang=EN Any other recommendations from Genex...
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    Gomer bulls

    What is a normal conception rate if you do this on cows in average condition? Or heifers that are cycling?
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    Synchronize and AI cowherd advice

    I'm a little worried about getting 60% on the timed AI, then having a bunch calve late because they didn't cycle again in 21 days. Does this happen often? Is it because the protocol isn't followed exactly or is there another cause? Will turning the bulls out soon after the AI decrease the...
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    Synchronize and AI cowherd advice

    I am thinking about breeding my cow herd by AI, I don't have time to heat detect. From what I have read, the 7 day CO-SYNCH+CIDR looks like the best option. A friend of mine said that it sometimes makes the cows that don't conceive miss a cycle. Has anyone had this happen? What results have...