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Synchronize and AI cowherd advice

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Mar 25, 2012
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I am thinking about breeding my cow herd by AI, I don't have time to heat detect. From what I have read, the 7 day CO-SYNCH+CIDR looks like the best option. A friend of mine said that it sometimes makes the cows that don't conceive miss a cycle.
Has anyone had this happen?
What results have you experienced with the CO-SYNCH+CIDR and timed AI?
An AI tech that I talked to said 65% was a normal conception rate for this protocol?
I've worked this for several years, if the cows are in good shape as far as condition and nutrition , you should beat the 65 percent, had 2 times in the same herd hit. Every cow we exposed. Had been in the cows for 5 years, and knew the cows, I think that had more to do with it than anything. We abandoned the cidors and used cysterlin instead. My own opinion for what it's worth, if you can't absolutely keep the ciders clean it throws the ph of the vagina off and the little discharge is more a concern to me. This one herd we hit 105 out of 105 twice. Lucky yes but if you miss 10/15pecent you are patio ahead.
Used a protocol out of U of Sask lst year and it went quite well. Used PRIDS intead of CIDORS, seems to be more comfort for the cow.
Can e-amil protocol if you wish.
If nutrition and technique are good, timed AI programs work pretty well. The PRIDs are gaining popularity even though they are about $1 more than the CIDRs. I think they work pretty well.
We hit 85% one shot conception when we did it, but did not enjoy the needling and chute work involved so have gone back to estrumate and a short heat checking period.
One thing with timed programs, you may make a cow miss a cycle, but you will likely pick up more than that in silent heats that you would otherwise miss.
Leave it to human nature to screw up a relatively simple process..;-)
The needleing and porcess is a pain, however if you are going to AI, it seems easier than running one or two in on heats.
I'd say more a 60% breed up if you run your cows like most commercial operations 105 out of a 105 I call bullshit on that one.
I'm a little worried about getting 60% on the timed AI, then having a bunch calve late because they didn't cycle again in 21 days. Does this happen often?
Is it because the protocol isn't followed exactly or is there another cause?
Will turning the bulls out soon after the AI decrease the number of calves born that are sired by the AI bull?

High Plains, sorry about using your name, not sure how to change mine now that I know the name was taken.
I had a problem getting much conception with the tiemd cow breeding project and YES many of the cows missed there next cycle at that time summer was upon us. Went from Feb March calving to Mid March April May and June calving. With the extrad bonus of the few super good Ai calves. The cost of stringing out the calving season is still effecting me this year and possible next.
However this humid hotter climate has a effect on the AI.
Interesting a AI man that has AI cows in this areafor more than 50 years Does NOT thaw straws.
We load the straw frozen by the time its insemenated its thawed. Elimating heating water and the problems with water issues.
He does not at all recomend water thawing.
VB Ranch - my poor choice of wording. In a timed protocol you may not heat check right before you start and a cow may be ready to breed on Day 1 when you are actually putting the CIDR in. You may not have her produce and ovulate an egg as a result of the protocol (you may miss the cow).

CIDR - Controlled Internal Drug Release
PRID - Progesterone Releasing Internal Device

Essentially both do the same thing. Some people think the PRID works better as it has a larger contact area. Basically the devices release progesterone, tricking the animal into thinking it is pregnant for a week and delaying release of a CL. When you pull them out the progesterone level drops, the LH and FSH rises and with a shot of estrumate the egg that is developing is popped loose and the cow is ready to breed.
there are a lot of different percentages floating around out there and it can be misleading. Most universities advertise somewhere around 60-75%. I know thats a broad range when talking about economics, but there are so many variables that it is no where near and exact science. The little things are what makes the difference. Things like the type of mineral you use, and the quality of the water the cattle are drinking can all make small differences in your conception percentage. The people who do the best with AI are one of two things, Lucky to live in a place where all the things in their environment help them, or they are very good at doing their homework on the little things. You know you have to have you cattle in good shape, eating good groceries, and very healthy, but it goes way beyond that. Breed, age, weight, temperament, even the tone of voice by the people handling the cattle can make an impact. If you have a bunch of loud people there on breeding day that arent there normally, you will stress the cattle out more and conception will be impacted. Proximity to the neighbors cattle can have an affect. Last year I had 40 heifers synchronized and ready to breed, and on breeding day I went over to gather them into the lot by myself(normally very easy just shake bucket and try not to get ran over) and found a strange heifer from my neighbors farm a mile away standing in the pasture. She was loco and as soon as I pulled into the field she slammed the fence and tore it down taking all my heifers with her. I got 16 of the 40 back in time to breed. It was a wreck that I have since taken precautions to avoid. Those 16 will get preg checked the end of this month to see what my conception rate was. That heifer was just some bad luck, but there are so many things that can happen to impact conception. Those 16 heifers were very stressed out and im sure that I will get unsatisfactory conception rates, but all was not lost. I had my heifers synchronized and was able to turn the cleanup bulls in and save the rest of my semen for this year. I will not be turning my heifers back out into the small pasture after the second shot this year. I will be watering them and feeding them in the lot for two days and then wont have to worry about them.

Pay attention to the small details and all will be good!
My vet told me to expect about 10% higher conception if you leave the CIDR in for 2 weeks instead of 1 week. However it can't be reused though. All the trips through the chute has me worried too since that is one of my least favorite jobs. It's cheaper than buying 10 heifer bulls though.
So using timed AI do they always miss the next heat?????? Was planning on timed AI this year but i dont think its worth missing a heat for the 40% that dont stick AI. Been just giving 2 shots of lutalyse ten days apart and then kicking bulls in for 45 days. Last few years been getting 90% bred and only have a 45 day period. But with the price of good bulls i wanted to eliminate the need for some.
well i dont know if its fact or fiction, a few of the comments on the first page say it does and some say it dont
Don't believe what you read on the internet. Do you have neighbors that TAI? Ask them what they are successful with.

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