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    Say a little prayer

    Sorry to hear about your mom BMR . Our deepest condolences from all of us here.
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    quiet wean nose flaps

    Judging by the size and condition of the calves the moms are probably grateful you weaned them no matter which way you had chosen :wink: :D
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    TESA video

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching that video , thank you so very much for sharing it !!! :D Congratulations on your award BMR and Tam ! :tiphat: One of these days I will make it down to your place and ask for a tour of your beautiful ranch and Tams studios .
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    Off to Charlottetown PEI

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers BMR and Tam :heart:
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    What do you do when

    So very sorry for your loss Jody . My deepest condolences and sincerest sympathies to you all . May God wrap his loving arms around you all and comfort each of you during your time of sorrow .
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    HUGE favor to ask please !!

    Megan made it into the top 20 but did not move into the top 10 . I am still very proud as to make top twenty out of close to 70 delegates is still pretty darn good . She also was awarded a $1500.00 scholarship and was invited to compete in Canada's Next Top Model. Only a handful of the...
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    Bull Servicing Capacity

    Is there anyway you can break the group in half and put a bull in each group . I am worried about 2 things 1st : one bull covering maybe 8-9 head a day for 3-4 days ( probable but not likely) 2nd : 2 bulls fighting over the cows in heat ( they most likely will spend a lot of time fighting each...
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    HUGE favor to ask please !!

    Hay Maker and Hayguy , thank you !!! FH no DVR here AND we only have the satellite hooked up to the big screen on the main living room so really only one TV in the house, much to the dismay of my nephew who if he could, would spend all day watching cartoons . Megan looked beautiful as usual ...
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    HUGE favor to ask please !!

    The girls will be on Breakfast TV at 6:20 am eastern time , so if you are up and can watch it ... I have my alarm set and it is 4 am our time ugh .. I told her you know Megan I must really love you if I am up at this time and it is not calving season .. :lol: Thanks again everyone for voting !!
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    James Garner dies

    I really liked him too , need too add some more DVD's to my collection .
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    HUGE favor to ask please !!

    Thank you Kato !!! :tiphat:
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    HUGE favor to ask please !!

    Thank you BMR !!!!
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    HUGE favor to ask please !!

    Thank you ! Here is her page on Facebook it also gives a link to her blog . https://www.facebook.com/megankingmissteenagereddeer2014 Some may not have known this but we lost her dad in April of this year to end stage liver failure and her youngest brother Matthew, age 12 now, has been living...
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    HUGE favor to ask please !!

    Thank you FH . Absolutely you can vote , they just need an email account and it needs to be confirmed by you . One vote per email address for the contest I believe . Thank you , every vote counts to get them into the top 20 and then it is all up to the judges !!!! :D
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    HUGE favor to ask please !!

    First off, I would like to say thank you all so very very much for the wonderful support you have given me these past few years with all of the turmoil we as a family have been going through . Your encouragement , support and advice is priceless , and I can never express into words as to how...