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    320 Acre Ranch for sale Central MT

    Thought this might be a good place to post if anyone is looking for a small ranch acreage to get started. Location and Directions: This property is north and east of Roundup, MT on a county maintained rd. It is roughly 60 miles from Billings, 70 miles from Lewistown, and about 5-6 hours...
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    pregnacy blood test

    We have used this test for several years and really like it. It does take a few days to get the results back. It can sometimes be tricky to do the tail bleed, so I have found using the milk vein to be the easiest, no miss method. No way you can miss when you can see and feel a vein that big...
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    Winner - Landscapes

    Thanks for the votes everyone. Just happened to be in Jackson Hole on vacation and snapped a few pics while we were there. This was one of my favorites
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    On the Hunt for a Milk Cow

    Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:15 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good luck. I've been looking for a Jersey or GuernseyXJersey too.
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    Winner - Old Tractors

    Thanks guys. Took the picture in Jordan, Mt at the museum there, when we stopped so the little guy could stretch his legs. He loves tractors.
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    What is your brand?

    NOt really sure, that is just what the brand office told us it was. My guess is because it faces backwards instead of a forward facing slash. Maybe someone else might know more about it then me.
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    What is your brand?

    We actually have two, the first one is actually the one we chose when we first moved out here and started running cows L Wyoming Slash 3 LH on cows The second one we acquired this summer, saw it for sale on craigslist, after a bit of research, we bought it. Turns out it is my great...
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    Bringing home the cows, and preg testing

    we tried the blood testing for the first time this year also. I had some that I had a hard time getting blood from the tail, where did you go under the cow to get blood? Biotracking claims 95% accurate Cal - We are enjoying the Little Guy, he is 19 months old and we have another one that is 2...
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    Bringing home the cows, and preg testing

    Nice pictures! If you don't my asking, what does it cost to have the blood test done? RBT
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    Cows, Calves and Little Boys

    We will have to see how many horned calves he throws. If they can all gain like he does, it will be worth the extra hassel of dehorning, maybe. As soon as the weather clears, I want to run him down to the neighbors scale and see how much he weighs. He was born March 11
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    Cows, Calves and Little Boys

    Thanks guys BMR,RBT - not sure of the breeding of the bull calf, his mother was some extras that picked up at a sale to replace a bunch of cows that died in the blizzards we had here last winter. I do know that his mother has some little stubs, maybe he inherited them from her. FH- we calve in...
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    Bringing home the cows, and preg testing

    BMR My sister is short barely 5 foot, and she is riding my horse, who, yes, is very tall, just under 16 hands. Both her and my husband were packing iron that day, a good insurance policy, mean cows, coyotes, and snakes are out there. The preg testing we do is called BioTracking, it is a blood...
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    Bringing home the cows, and preg testing

    We brought the pairs home from the lease ground on Thurseday and then preg tested on Friday. Sorted cows from calves and started weaning. Here's some pics of the two days. Getting ready to move out HD and my sister Movin' um down the rode and through the neighbors hay field Sister riding my...
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    Cows, Calves and Little Boys

    Some pics I took of last week. Went to check cows on Tuesday and put some panels in place for loading as we were getting ready to bring them all home from the lease ground. Snapped a few pics of the calves Cows and Calves Heifer calf Big Red Cow Big Heifer Calf HD and Horse Yet...
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    Wholesale Rope Horse Halters

    Yanuck - i can ship 5 halters for $7.00 total. Jersey lilly - It is just the halter no lead