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    What's the weather like at your place?

    It is definitely nice to see people who haven't been here in awhile posting! We had the cold snap with no moisture. Now in the 20's at night and 60's during the day. Opening day of elk season.
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    That's plenty thick!
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Dry here too, been nice temps though. Supposed to be 14 sat night, hopefully won't last too long. Edited to add, I guess a high of 35 and a low of 9 on Sunday.
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    Photo Update

    Good to hear from you and glad that little MYT is doing so well, is the littlest a girl or boy?
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    Deer season

    Catherine Creek, non of the neighbors got tags either.
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    Deer season

    Good job, we didn't get tags...imagine that :mad: When we were in Mt we couldn't believe how many deer and antelope were in the fields, crazy.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas from us too!
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    Putting down an old mare, or thinking about it.

    Ugh, so hard to do. We've lost several, haven't had to put one down yet. Our stud horse will be 25 this April. Has arthritis but with medication is still doing well. Hopefully will at least get through this calving season if not longer.
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    283 days ago....

    It's a cutie, all's well that ends well.
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    Mrs. Greg

    Hanta and Katrina are alive and well on FB, lot's of others too. And you're welcome. I thought folks would want to know.
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    Mrs. Greg

    For those of you who remember her, she passed away last week after a two year battle with cancer. She was a sweet lady and will be missed.
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    Helping at the Neighbours

    Yeah, he might forget! That is a pile to sort on foot, you should be tired. When do you do the rest?
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    Pictures from our visit to the McGinnis Ranch near Baker City, Oregon - June 26, 2019

    Wow, great to hear from you! Sending you an email now.
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    Looking good, all of you, and your pics!
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    Green feed Barley

    Yes it is