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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Here in the Golden Triangle we are Popcorn Fart Dry. Might get some rain this coming weekend. Putting in a new working chute and thought of digging some holes, went and got the water bucket. Don't think we ever get caught up, after I retired I found a lot of stuff that should have been done...
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    Rib or hip brand ?

    Is the brand registered for the whole state or just the county you live in. In Texas the brand is only registered for the county, someone in the next county can have the same brand. So it is advised to register your brand in all surrounding counties.
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    Rib or hip brand ?

    Actually owning a brand is something I never heard of. Down here in Texas you register your brand for 10 years, In Texas brands have to be re-registered every 10 years. Brand re-registration always begins in the year ending with a 1. For example, the next brand re-registration period begins...
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    Rib or hip brand ?

    I hip brand, backwards R against D, Down here they call that RD connected. I cut out 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch of iron at the top of the R and bottom, also do the same on the D. Gives places for the blood to pass to the center and not fall out and blotch.
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    MY THOUGHTS ON THE CATTLE MARKET - Steve Moreland - October 10, 2020

    Nothing wrong with a BIG Chicken Fried steak with white gravy and a bake potato with sour cream and butter on it.
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    Another bad day for a little girls daddy

    Yep it is hard to let them go, But don't forget when you took someones little girl away.
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    Post a Ranch Photo!

    Wow, mommas are good milkers and good forage to go with it.
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    The Big Rodeo

    According to Drovers and my County Extension Agent, The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo has been Cancelled.
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    "You'll know my opinion...when the election is over."

    The Dog Turd would probably taste better than Biden would do being a president. Voted yesterday, Red here.
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    How to not get the yearlings checked

    Had a 567, moved up to a 568, really like it. Thought about a 569, then looked at the price and my check book and decided the 568 repairs were cheaper. Even with a $2800.00 gear box repair. The gear box its self was $2300.00. Seal went out while baling and lost the oil. As the repair man said...
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    Jack Moreland, J.J. Moreland, Joy J. Fairchild

    Good that you saved them from the dump grounds and forever lost.
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    Really enjoyed reading. One heck of a memory and good things to remember.
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    I’M GOING TO OPEN MY DOOR UP By Steve Moreland, May 9, 2020

    AS normal, another great one from Soapweed! Always enjoy his family stories.
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    Hello Ranchers

    I had forgotten all about Ranchers.Net, glad to see it back up. Always enjoyed A lot of the posts, Especially Soapweed's.
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    Do most ranchers still brand their cattle or only use ear tags?

    In Texas a brand registration cost $10 for 10 years. That does not mean 10 years from the date you register your brand, It is a 10 year span and I think it started 3 years ago. Also in Texas if you have a registered brand, by law you have to use it. As for ear tags, they should only be used...