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    Stupid remark of the day

    My what a clouded memory you have. I only started my list to point out how asinine the list "X" herself had started. Kind of like pointing out absurdity by being absurd.
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    Stupid remark of the day

    You sure hit the nail on the head with this post. Truer words have never been spoken on this forum.
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    So what happened in SD on abortion vote?

    We don't vote on that til November.
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    funeral protesters & the patriot guard

    These radicals are only a click or two further to the right then alot of the posters on this site. I bet they all voted for Bush both times. You all are so worried about "liberals" that you can't see a right-wing nut job right in front of your nose.
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    Old Time Values

    A link to a radio show come on get real. I don't have a need to make stuff up. You seem to love to spin stuff around. I know it is damn hard to know just what the hell Rush means anytime he opens his mouth. He jumped the shark a divorce and a drug addiction ago. I guess my link is I was...
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    It's headline news

    Again with the "we". Is it that hard to just speak for yourself?
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    Old Time Values

    Then how come whenever ethanol is mentioned by Rush Limbaugh or any of the other guys that host his show they say that "if it wasn't for the government handouts ethanol couldn't survive". The "government handouts" they are talking about are actually "tax breaks". I guess all the right-wingers...
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    Old Time Values

    Hey Tap why don't you list your so-called "liberal" and "conservative" values.
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    Old Time Values

    I am so sick this liberal and conservative b.s. It just serves as a way to divide people. I guess I blame Rush Limbaugh the most. I used to listen to him every day and my views were about as warped as Jigs' are now. Noone can even say Democrat and Republican anymore that isn't divisive...
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    Nominee for Treasury Secretary

    Why do you have to use WE all the time. Is it too hard for you to just speak for yourself? It is pretty funny Disagreeable is outnumbered on here ten to one and she is the one that is kicking ass. I think the reason she bothers you so much is because deep down you know what a total failure...
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    I found the last paragraph of the story hilarious. It goes" The party also said everybody should be allowed to go naked in public and promotes legalizing all soft and hard drugs and free train travel for all." Just what does free train travel for all have to do with the rest of their platform...
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    Abortion in SD on ballot

    I find it odd that all the members of the right-to-life mafia are so afraid of this going to a vote. If my fine state is half as pro-life as they claim what harm is there in affirming that with a vote. But noooo for the last month there has been one letter to the editor after another begging...
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    My List

    The whole problem with these message boards is that people say things here that they would never say to someone in person. I called out the two biggest anonymous name callers on here. What is so hard to understand about that????
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    My List

    You never will get it passinthru. You would never say the snarky things you say on here to someones face. You aren't even honest enough to admit that. Your cartoons that you have posted at least a dozen times over the last few months aren't light-hearted when they call someone stupid. I...