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    Freezing Rain and ice

    OT - We are located in Okla. Our average rainfall is over 40"/yr and we are at about half that.
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    Freezing Rain and ice

    Send us all the snow and ice you don't want. We haven't had any rain since Oct, the temp yesterday was in the 70's, 40 mph wind and grass fires finally got us. We were damn lucky not to lose any of the buildings, tractors or vehicles. We didn't have time to move all the equipment so the fire...
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    Grass Fires in Texas and Oklahoma

    We are in Oklahoma. The closest fire to our place was about 10 miles. We are extremely dry, about 18" below our normal annual rainfall.
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    I spent a little time in the Hill Country and enjoyed it very much. You have a nice place.
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    What the H... Is He Up To Now!!!!

    Coming home to your wife after a 3 day drunk.
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    Favourite season

    You can't beat the fall. I used to live in Nebraska. Nothing more pleasant than working on the sunny side of the barn and listing to Husker football games.
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    That is pretty cute. I deal w/ attorneys all the time and will have to pass that on.
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    Teachers Job Description

    As long as teachers give tests there will be prayers in schools.
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    Bucking horse

    Send the horse to the local rodeo stock contractor and throw him in the string of saddle broncs. If he keeps bucking he found himself a home. If he quits, there is a good chance he has the bucking out of his system.
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    Getting bulls out of a pasture

    Soapweed - Do you border the Minor Ranch, or are they that far north?
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    Even Rush is embarrsed by Rush

    Does anyone know what mental institute Dis operates out of?
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    corriente saddles

    Tworopes- Initially, that may sound a little pricey, but first time you get one of those cheap saddles wet and the skirts start rolling up you'll realize there is more to a saddle than price.
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    corriente saddles

    Tworopes - you are in the middle of good saddle makers. Run over to Big Bend Saddlery in Alpine. They build as good a saddle as can be made.
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    How to Find a Wife?

    You should advise any young man planning to marry to buy his prospect an olive green electric can opener as a gift. This prepares the prospective bride for the many disappointments they will have in the future. That was my wife's first Christmas present from me over 25 years ago and the one...
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    kinda funny?

    Haymaker - Reminds me of some friends of mine sitting around watching a horse race on TV and it wasn't long they were making bets. The guy that won all the money was the only one in the group that knew this race was a re-run from the week before. He went ahead and took the money.