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    Cabellas Brokering Away Ranchland?

    The whole idea behind Cabelas is absolutely disgusting to me (getting into the realestate game) No one can compete with them they are like Walmart!! :mad: :mad:
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    question for good hunters

    The sad reality is that this is the way that the world is coming to. My dad(retired asst. chief of police) and I hunted a ranch for several years in western SD, (6 hrs. west of us )we adheard to every rule that the rancher set in place. Every year we would give the rancher and his family a gift...
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    AS Promised!!!

    What a Beauty!!!
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    Eastern Oregon Mulies

    Wow nice deer!! :o
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    One Last Bowhunt.

    Well said I hope all goes as planned! This fall is my dad first mule deer hunt also!
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    lets try this again

    O.K you are killin me here!!! lol :D That is a nice buck! As far as the other two if you get them be sure to post a pic! :D
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    lets try this again

    Belive me Northern Rancher I would love to take you up on that in a few years!!! That has to be one very proud father after that moment! :D
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    lets try this again

    Northern Rancher, I shoot a "Hoyt Havoc", Easton Carbon arrows, tippped with Muzzy 3 blade broad heads. right around 300 ibo rated fps. That is really good that your boy has killed a deer with a bow before taking one with a rifle! 8)
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    lets try this again

    BMR, With my dad having a career in law enforcement my dad did very little hunting with me, he just didn't have time. I don't hold it against him or anything, he was just a man trying to make ends meet for his family. I taught my self the tricks of the trade as time went on and now I am trying...
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    lets try this again

    Big muddy rancher, The handle is slang for Bow and Arrow I am a major archery buff, can't get enough! :D I have got my 8 year old son involved in it now.
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    lets try this again

    Pretty funny! But I usualy let the clean up in the asiles to the groc. dept. They need something to do! :) I thjink that I am going to like shooting the **** here!
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    looking for help in Western South Dakota

    it never got that hot here today it was about 83 but the wind was blowing like crazy! Sucking what moisture out of the ground we had left.We tried to go fishing today. The fish were really biting until we got there! :x Everone was having trouble getting the walleyes under the 20 inch size...
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    lets try this again

    I guess that I approached eveyone wrong the first post because now I actually feel like I am welcome! :D I can't say that I know everything about the meat world but I can educate you as much as I can! :wink: Hy-Vee is a employee owned franchise that is in thje midwest states we are 240 store...
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    looking for help in Western South Dakota

    My dad ran for sherrif for codington county, won the primary,lost in the general election so he hung it up as law enforcement and now he is like you, fulltime grandpa. I think that my son likes him better than me! But you know how grandpas are... "softies" Just about what ever Ethan wants he...
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    lets try this again

    Thanks BRG I hope that we can have some good visits!