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    Will the use of DNA scores in EPD's become a necessity in bull sale catalogs? How will the average rancher use them to sell their final product? IMO, this has opened a whole new set of possibilities.
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    Calves dying

    We introduced 140 heifers into the herd many years ago and when calving started, scours started. The vet said our cows were not immune to the new bugs brought in by the new heifers. We lost 113 out of 300 or so cows. Perhaps the new bulls introduced a new bug to the herd and they will...
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    840 Ear Tags

    Will someone enlighten me on the 840 ear tags? Is this something the average cowman wants to get involved with? How do they differ from other EID tags? Is this too much information for the gov.? Thank you in advance.
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    Butter vs Margarine

    Would you rather trust the cow or the USFDA? :-)
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    the round up !

    Would Mel might have been Mel Rives?
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    Question about mandatory ID

    I agree with Clarence. The ID stops at the kill floor. USDA wants to know which pasture the critter is born, where it is fed & how. When the consumer looks over the meat case, we don't know even what Country the meat is from! When I buy an apple it is labeled where it was grown and what kind...
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    If you had it all to do over again, what would you do?

    Yes, I would do it over again. Unless you work for your self, you are at risk of having nothing at the end of your productive years and who cares? Maybe a reduced pension or none and no way of recouping your lost years. If you have land, it will take care of you if you take care of it, maybe...
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    Pretty sure? They have the herd?

    A-men Mike! Poor Johanns is upset because Phyllis Fong, an internal auditor and investigator did not clear the test with him. Now, he will be able to prove to all, that "Beef is too high" (Omaha World Herald) Johann has just found out that he is a packer puppet
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    Western Livestock Reporter

    I haven't been on this site for awhile, so maybe this topic has been addressed already. According to the Western Livestock Reporter March 2nd, the U.S. Agency for International Development announced the the agency plans to displace $300 million worth of American product with foreign foods to...
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    What happened to SH?

    I SH, Guess you know where your Dodge stands in the Theives' Choice! By the way, we haven't seen the Grand Am in our travels South & west of Mission. Welcome Home.
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    R-CALF's Response to Border Decision

    Replacement quality heifers at Valentine Livestock, Valentine Neb. on Thur. Feb 10 were from 130.25 on 677 pounds for 70 head for top, the next group of heifers was 714 @ $111
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    How to use these Boards...

    This is a nice set-up for hi-speed internet probably. With my dial-up, I log on at 1600 to 2800 at best. I don't have that much time to spend waiting for the different things to come up. Hope that you will consider us in the back country and try to speed your site up. This is my home page...