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    Good Ol Fashion Entertainment

    Joe Patenode was at a Horse Expo in Albany with a Chuckwagon for display in about 2004? I think he was selling Bed and Breakfast concept at their Ranch
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    #29 the last to calf

    My guess is it was more likely what happened the few days they were exposed to the feedlot help than the many days they were not
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    Also, too many people worry about wasting hay. We flake out and move where we feed. Once I understood the value of hoof action, paddock rest and that the carbon in what my cows preferred to not eat did more for soil Biology than it would for my cows, I stopped over worrying. I don’t waste it but...
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    Kind of a great question that needs more information to answer. Biggest question goes to your time and resources. If they are close to a stack of Alfalfa, then flaking that out will do wonders. Even as expensive as it’s gotten, it’s lower cost. Fuel and time and the cost of everything have us...
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    Aches and pains

    And if it isn’t a long way from your heart, get help immediately!
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    Scour boss 9

    Mineral is important for everything I’m surprised no one has mentioned the Sandhills method of calving. Environment is a huge part of scours. Also, follow Dr Noffsingers methodology on getting calves up and going to the cow multiple times a day. It’s one of the better applications of Bud...
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    Bud box or sweep tub.

    Exactly. When I design , I try to read the cow sense of a customer. A lot of people need a gate between them and the Livestock
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    At Livestock Auctions??

    We’ve seen people dressed the part that can’t hold up to the work. We’ve seen people not dressed the part that will flat out take all your money in any timed event. Got over apppearances long ago
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    Turkee Oregon

    I think it was US Bank
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    Turkee Oregon

    Thanks Very much I wear out tires
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    Turkee Oregon

    Thanks! Tam is actually from Richland OR
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    When your friend makes one more run at that buckle bunny gig.

    That is you smiling? ;-}
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    Turkee Oregon

    Halfway actually has a bank
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    Is this the guy with the Insurance Agency?
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    So his calves are F-1 and he has no Wagyu cows?
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    BPA buying a leae

    We thought this would end well. Unless I hit the lottery and can buy it myself, it won’t. History is fraught with big government or agencies mismanagement though. One of the duck hunting places looks to be finally sold. The owner and I had done a fantastic job and it’s a heck of a habitat for...
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    Glad it didn’t burn more. Fire can be an odd thing. The danger and this years feed is gone. Sometimes, next few years come back pretty incredibly.
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    Dust and smoke to consider as well. My optimum wean would have been to have the pairs on the green grass near the corrals (maybe I’m making an assumption) for a week to acclimate the calves. I haul the cows a small group at a time. Has worked well on my fall pairs