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“pair of large fleshy testicles”

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Feb 14, 2005
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East north east of Soapweed
A “pair of large fleshy testicles” led to the arrest last night of a South Carolina motorist, according to police.
While on routine patrol, a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office deputy spotted a Lincoln pickup truck “displaying an obscene object from the rear bumper.” Specifically, the deputy noted in a report, the object was a pair of testicles that were “flesh colored, anatomically correct, approximately the size of a softball, and in clear view of the public.”
In response to the testicles, the deputy initiated a traffic stop and questioned the driver, Joe Cervantes-Rodriguez. The cop “advised the driver of the reason for the stop being the large testicles, and he immediately removed them from the back bumper.”
Cervantes-Rodriguez told the deputy that he had moved to the U.S. six months ago from Mexico and had ended up in South Carolina after stays in Texas and Georgia. But while able to produce a vehicle registration and proof of insurance, Cervantes-Rodriguez did not have a valid driver’s license. As a result, he was arrested.
After spending the night in jail, Cervantes-Rodriguez (seen in the adjacent mug shot) was released from custody this morning after posting $237.50 bond. He was also issued a “warning citation” for displaying the testicles.


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Sep 23, 2007
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With all of the problems in our nation, SC law enforcement has time to worry about oversized truck testicles, pathetic.

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