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101 Dang Good Reasons To Live in Alabama

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Feb 11, 2005
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101 Dang Good Reasons To Live in Alabama

1. cheese grits
2. we're the reason God created football.
3. world's last outpost of good manners
4. humidity eliminates need for expensive home sauna
5. you can put a license tag on anything, drive it down the road, and no one will stop you.
6. sweet tea
7. barbecue
8. unlike less fun Yankee states it only takes one snowflake to create a statewide holiday
9. supermarkets have cute names like Piggly Wiggly and Winn-Dixie
10. no official limit on height of hair-do's
11. children address adults using sir and ma'am
12. police officers greet you by name when pulling you over
13. cultural trends take hold at a leisurely pace so everyone can get on board
14. crocuses come up before the last Christmas decorations come down
15. New York and California not taken seriously
16. gulf beaches
17. everyone knows how to tell a good story
18 politics are more entertaining
19. Alabama-Auburn game, better known as "The Iron Bowl"
20. front porches
21. back porches
22. corn on the cob
23. we have our own way of tawkin'
24. we have our own music
25. more family reunions than any other state
26. best joke tellers in the world
27. plenty of elbow room
28. fried pie
29. people still know how to dress up
30. at every get together there is always someone who can pick a guitar
31. unlike hum-drum Yankee supper tables there's no skimping on side dishes
32. vintage automobiles are given the respect they deserve
33. highest per capita cosmetic skills in the nation
34. more books and songs written about Alabama than any other state
35. azaleas
36. fried okra
37. cornbread
38. farmer's markets
39. flea markets
40. neighbors rarely come over empty handed
41. if you break down on the side of the road, someone will always stop to help
42. soda pop brands have more colorful names like Nehi and Grapico
43. no part of a pig ever goes to waste
44. church suppers on the ground
45. citizens generally know the difference between right and wrong
46. wild blackberries
47. bluebirds
48. children use the quaint expressions "please" and "thank you"
49. tent revivals
50. river rats
51. people don't generally pass through, they come to stay
52. small talk skill level highest in nation
53. handshakes still effective in business dealings
54. we might fight but we always make up
55. fishing that borders on religious experience
56. knowing someone will always hold the door for you
57. 365 day golfing season
58. palm trees, dogwoods, sycamores, live oaks, fig trees, sweet gums and magnolias
59. never a shortage of advice on any subject
60. traffic laws subject to individual interpretation
61. central air
62. sweet potato pie
63. misty mornings in the mountains
64 wild muscadines
65. dirt track racing
66. family recipes
67. sunsets in November
68. red tail hawks
69. homemade ice cream
70. peach cobbler
71. snow flurries on Thanksgiving
72. heat waves on Thanksgiving
73. no legal limit on quantity of exterior Christmas lights per household
74. there are still people who talk without cussing
75. for those who must cuss, wide array of original expletives available
76. backyard gardens
77. sawmill gravy
78. neighborhood block parties
79. volunteer fire departments
80. mayors who conveniently also sell insurance and used cars
81. camellias blooming in February
82. 'nanner puddin'
83. Mee-maw's coconut cake
84. Pa-paw's tomatoes
85. folks know your mamma and daddy and their mammas and daddies
86. bluegrass festivals
87. going barefoot in March
88. butterbeans
89. fried catfish
90. certain homemade beverages (moonshine)
91. cockroach species guaranteed to scare the wits out of unsuspecting Yankees
92. high ratio of morning radio shows with hosts named Bubba
93. sleeping in a hammock on summer afternoons
94. strangers say hello on the street and instead of running in the opposite direction you say hello back
95. home to one of the seven wonders of the world: the infield at Talladega on race day
96. misguided national news coverage of state keeps obnoxiously heavy, environmentally damaging tourist traffic to a minimum
97. children grow up bilingual speaking both English and Southern
98. state leads the way in culinary presentation of the peanut
99. women named Velma
100. men named J.B., J.R., J.D., J.P., J.C., J.T., or J.W
101. you can leave Alabama, but you'll always come back.
Alabama, That was nice. :D
Now what's cheese grits? Plenty of elbow room compared to what? And what is Nanner puddin and pawpas tomatoes. My favorite no legal limit of christmas lights per household. :D

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