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101 Sale Report

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May 24, 2005
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The Dam End of Silicon Valley
Market Review -

Labor day weekend is usually a small sale and this week was no exception. The futures market has been up and down and then back up. We would expect some fluctuations when the market is high but what has been going on lately just doesn't make much sense. We will see the bad month of fat cattle start to move higher in the next couple of weeks, or you can see these feeder cattle start to cheapen up. There seems to be a short supply of feeders and light calves that has kept prices where they are for now.

Because this was a small sale I wanted to mention a couple of things that make selling cattle at our market important beyond just getting premium prices. First we sell a lot of big calves and going to our market eating out of inline bunks, drinking well water, and waiting for the feed wagon to come by set the stage for these cattle to hit the ground running at their final destination. Cattle that never get the opportunity to experience this type of care land up at the feed lot dumped in big pens where the first 2 or 3 days in the pen are spent creating dust, scared off by the feed trucks and they just don't eat at a critical time once they get to their final destination. Repeat buyers is just one of the reasons for our success in marketing cattle.

Another important feature at our market is the weather. It's something we have no control over but, the facts are cattle moved from your ranch to a moderate climate feel better and they don't experience temperature of over 100 degrees day after day. Heat stress is hard on people so you can imagine how it affects your calves and yearlings. So when you are thinking of selling your cattle these are two important issues to consider.

Another important consideration is source verified cattle. Selling these calves and yearlings was a huge success far beyond our wildest dreams. It looks like next year could be even more successful. The demand for these cattle continues to grow and , we are the only sale in the Western 1/2 of the United States where buyers can purchase source verified cattle.

This week Nick Batteate of Oakland sold 519# steers for $117.00 and 440# heifers brought $114.00. Doodlebug Ranches of Paicines sold 515# steers for $119.00. Bill Rist of King City sold 742# steers for $106.00. Wilson Cattle Co. of La Honda sold 540# heifers for $112.00. Gabalian Cattle Co. of San Juan Bautista sold 535# heifers for $112.00. You can see it was another good sale even though it was small.

We would like to invite you to our bull sale on Friday Sept. 16th. We have 70 bulls consigned from top breeders. We have 28 Angus bulls coming from Valley of the Moon, Lazy Oak Ranch, Wine Glass Cattle, Bruin Ranch, Furtado Angus, Azevedo Livestock, Cut n Chew. We have 20 Charolais bulls consigned by Guggenberger & Edwards Charolais, Barton Charolais, 4 B Livestock, Bianchi Charolais, Silacci Charolais. Fourteen Limousine bulls coming form Valley of the Moon, Wine Glass Cattle, High Point Ranch, Western Image, MnM Cattle. Six Gelbvieh bulls from San Juan Ranch and Van Peer Gelbvieh. Sifting and grading will begin at 9am. the sale will begin at 6pm. We have EPDs on all these bulls and pictures of some in our presale catalogue. If you are in need of a good bull we will be glad to send you a catalogue. Just give us a call with any questions you have.

eMail Jim Warren - [email protected]

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