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Hanta Yo

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Feb 11, 2005
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South Central Montana
Hi, all,
Been busy, really behind on posts. Attended my #2 bio son's track meet in Billings yesterday, for divisionals. My son, James won Eastern Divisionals, broke his own record , broke his high school record for Pole Vaulting (14"7"). Tried to break state at 15"2" almost but not quite :( He has another stab at it next weekend at State competition in Bozeman :D . I am so proud of that kid, and he will be graduating in June, then off to tech. college in WY this fall. YIIPPEE!!! 8)

Our daughter (12-in 6th grade) participated in an 11-school track meet (the schools are small, class C) and she was totally awesome! Won overall 400 M Relay for 5th & 6th girls,
2nd place in shotput (20"10"), 4th place 100M dash (16.11), 5th place Discus (57'6"). Had her playday last Thurs and placed 1st in 200M, 1st in 100M, 1st in shotput, 2nd in long jump. 8)

Came home last night after my #2 son's track meet, there's 3/4" rain in the rain guage :shock: :shock:
Wind's blowing 45 mph all day, undid all the good the rain did, dust blowing in the roads again :( but we are still so far ahead of last year for moisture :D :D :D :D :!: :!: :!:
big congrats to the kiddos, Hanta Yo!!! sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!! isn't it amazing how they grow up!!! ennis has their high school graduation tomorrow and it saddens me to see some of these kids whom i can remember when they were still in kindergarten and now they are "adults"!! Best of luck to your kids!!
Hanta Yo!!!

Congrats to your son on his terrific accomplishment--I'm sure he has combined hard work, skill, and natural talent to earn this feat. If not all were employed he would not have excelled to this level. It is something he will cherish forever---

Have fun at the State Track Meet---and please give our best to him too.

Rock on proud Mom!!!


TTB :)
Pole vaulting is an amazing thing to watch with all the hightech poles they've got. Sure beats a clotheline pole! Congratulations on the kiddies successes. Those meets are more fun than pro ball anyday!
My wife's sister's daughter is quite a track star runner. At the district track meet, she won the two-mile and got second in the one-mile. She and her family and other supporters went off to the state finals with high hopes and expectations.

Upon arriving in Lincoln, the family got a room in a nice motel with a pool. They went swimming the evening before the first big run, and apparently this is not the thing to do. The chlorinated water affected her breathing the next day. Her lungs felt "heavy" and were not working at full capacity. Had her time at districts held up at state, she could have placed third. Instead, she came in seventeenth. After visiting with other people, this condition is not a rarity after swimming in chlorinated water. It is not a good thing to do.

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