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14 females; 4 males

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Sep 4, 2009
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:shock: Is that anywhere "normal"? 18 calves born alive and healthy since I left....what a ratio of females to males.
It can sure start out that way, but it should even up some before you
are done. Anyway, that's what usually happens here. Perhaps with
that many more heifers, you won't be 50-50 at the end, but I'll bet
it's closer than it is now. Just wait. Patience is a virtue. :D :p :wink:
running really stong on hfrs. here. got about 100 cows yet to calve, if we are gonna end up close to 50/50, the bulls better get get to comin' :)
I'm glad to get the heifers. It's hard to buy heifers here...no one wants to sell or they sell at a premium. I can always find young bulls to buy.
hayguy said:
i take it your back in Venezuela? WW

Nope, still in the States. As soon as the rains get serious, I'll head back. Should be very soon. I've been here longer than planned.
I'm all done and ended up with 15 hiefers and 6 bulls - - - - on a small scale with only one bull I'm sure it is not unusuall and might be the other way around next year.

I'll still only have one bull but not the same one I'v used the last 5 years.

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