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2 1/4 days over 1000miles

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Feb 11, 2005
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Cabin Creek, Carlile,Wyoming
Watered cows Thursday morning then Sue and I took off, Thru Gillette down WY 50 thru the old 4Jranch country, To lone tree Junction over to the oil Town of Midwest, Then the bigger oil town of Casper, On down thru BLM country to Alcove, Past Pathfinder, and Murry ranches. To Muddy Gap then west going up the Sweat water river country. Over south pass, 40+ winds and some slick roads. Thru Farson along the big sandy, then cross the Green River, over to Kemmerer, down Nugget canyon past sage Junction and then Northwest of the Bear River and toward Cokeville From big private country at the start miles and miles of BLM and large grazing allotments. Up thru the Bridger-Teton Forest over Salt pass into Star Valley. Spent the night and the next morning took Mom to the bank where she deposited a Check from Tenny for her 2007 Mercery Mountainair (only 87,000 miles) Got Title notarized, Took Mom to the grocery store then Home and a short visit. We re-step our path but spent the night in Casper having a bowl of French Onion soup for supper at Outback. Guess Donny did get the cows water, with flat tire on 5th wheel and some frozen connections, pulled in today just as he was getting back. from about independence Rock Thru Cokeville lot of that country has not much for Cell Service.

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