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2012 sale bulls

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Feb 10, 2005
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Here's a few of our bulls we'll be selling in May they are on target to weigh between 1100 and 1300#s depending on the bull. All were born After March 15th 2011 so will be 13 /14 months of age at sale time.Our cows mature weight vary from 1000 to 1300#s not giants by any means.


DD Alliance sire GDAR Gateway bred dam


Bando 733 sire Whitestone Fly Traveler,New Trend bred dam


Bando 733 sire Shoshone Viking Gd60 bred dam


DD Alliance sire dam Fly Traveler/New trend bred


DD Hunter / Conneally Freightliner daughter

733 Bando is a son of SAV Bandolier 1916

DD Alliance is a bull we raised he's sired by Sitz Alliance 6595 this sire is a bit more frame for us and has alot of grow power.

DD Hunter is a OCC Hunter son calveing ease and easy fleshing

Sale date May 10th 2012 Mobridge Livestock Mobridge SD 12:00 PM CDT
Soapweed said:
They look good, Denny. If I lived a bit closer, I'd come check them out. Good luck on your sale.

I'm bringing them 1/2 way. :wink:
Looks like you have them in the right condition. Hope the prices are high on sale day!!
Thanks for the preview, Denny. From the pictures my first pick would
be #3 (going back to GD Viking--no surprise there :wink: ). I'm calling
a friend to see if I can get him interested in that bull. I'm not sure how
many he needs. Will you have a catalog?

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