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249 Congressmen and women have documented their STUPIDY!

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Feb 11, 2005
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WASHINGTON — Lawmakers voted Thursday to block a six-month-old law that allowed the government to sell wild horses and burros, with opponents of the law protesting that the animals were ending up in processing plants and on the tables of foreign restaurants.

The 249-159 House vote would stop the Bureau of Land Management from using any money in a $26.2-billion bill funding next year's natural resources and arts programs to sell horses that roam public lands in Western states.


The measure overturns a provision in a spending bill passed in December that ended a 33-year-old policy of protecting wild horses from sale or processing. The horses, said Rep. Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.), shouldn't be sold so they "can end up on the menus of France, Belgium and Japan."

Other programs in the bill, which funds the Interior Department and Environmental Protection Agency, absorbed a 3% spending cut from this year's $27 billion. Lawmakers shrank grants for local water projects and boosted money for National Park Service operations. It passed 329-89.

The House action on horses came as the Bureau of Land Management announced Thursday that it was resuming the sale of wild horses and burros but with tougher restrictions against sales for slaughter. The agency last month temporarily halted sales after 41 horses were killed.

The agency's revised contract requires that buyers agree they will not knowingly purchase horses intending to resell, trade or give the animals to a slaughterhouse.

Since lawmakers enacted the horse sales law in December, the BLM sold and delivered 1,000 horses. Another 1,000 have been sold but remain undelivered, and those agreements will be reviewed.

"Our agency is committed to the well-being of wild horses and burros, both on and off the range," said BLM Director Kathleen Clarke.

The law let the agency sell wild horses and burros that were more than 10 years old, or younger if they had been passed over for adoption three times.

BLM says 37,000 wild horses and burros forage its lands, 9,000 more than Western ranges can sustain. The agency has removed about 10,000 each year to manage the population.

Each year, 6,000 to 7,000 get adopted, and the agency currently cares for about 22,500 in holding facilities in the West and Midwest.
The agency currently cares for about 22,500 in holding facilities in the West and Midwest.Thats alot of HAY!!!!!!!
PORKER said:
The agency currently cares for about 22,500 in holding facilities in the West and Midwest.Thats alot of HAY!!!!!!!

Does anyone know the requirements for the quality of that hay? Quite a few years ago, we toured one of those holding facilities in Nevada. The hay was required to be high quality alfalfa hay which was hard on the kidneys of the horses!

Sounds like a typical government program to me!

Does anyone know if that Wild Horse Sanctuary near Hot Springs operates without government money? I recall that early on in this dilemma of the so-called wild horses over-producing the grazing capacity of their range, Mr. Hyde believed that the horse lovers should fund the "saving" of them without government money. I agree with that philosophy. Otherwise, sell or give them away the overproduction numbers with no restrictions other than possibly for humane treatment. There are times when slaughter is the most humane thing to do with an animal. Using it for food, distasteful as that may be to some people, gives the animal a reasonably useful and honorable end, IMO.

As for the Hay remark STAFF............I am not in favor of the inhumane treatment of any animals. Apparently those of you that responed have not be around these "UNADOPTABLES" Do not take this vote lightly.......these folks that have the ear of these morons we sent to Washington may go after food animals next. As for your Scoring Systems Company.........................You are all out of business when the USDA develops their own data warehouse. Why would any producer need any private data warehouse???????????????? As for the Wild Horse situation, this vote has bigger implications than saving a few hundred horses that are of no benefit to anyone. I take this issue very serious. Apparently some of you folks need to invest in a TV, Radio, BEEF magazine, and get to town more than twice a year.
I thought you read better than that CattleCo,From what I see is that SSI doesn't depend on just a US sale of webbased software like mine.I see that they do crops ,machinery,Fruits and vegs. in a lot of countrys .They even seem to do soccer players and build databases as by their press releases.It sure is easy to pick on some organization when there's a weekend or is it that you are trying to sell competing software?????
Sofware and Private Data Warehouses are like comparing apples to oranges. Two entirely different products. I guess we will see what USDA is going to do. We only have a couple of weeks left on the response period. As for SSI, EMerge, Ag-INfolink,,,,,,they are all toast when and if the USDA does their own database. Let's see...NCBA is going to save us ALL. Great, who is going to save us from NCBA?? If you want to get in the $$$$$$$$$$ in this ID deal, sell or rent bow readers to sale barns and vet clinics. Hardware is where the money is going to be.....not data warehouses.
I agree CattleCo, as I was looking at some German sorting equipment for cattle sheep and hogs that run on RFID tags.Where do you find BOW Readers? gotta go check on a cow that might need some help with the chains.Its my turn tonight.
This is a typical "feel good" vote with nothing but negative consequences. Funny they didn't advocate the spaying and neutering of wild mustangs. That's their solution to the dog and cat problem.

These worthless inbred blockheaded horses are destroying the rangeland in many areas and that is precisely why the surplus need to be slaughtered. They are not going to magically stop reproducing.

This is the same level of mentality that would vote to retrain "cattle guards".