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30 lb. calf

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Feb 10, 2005
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Stopped at my aunt's the other day and at first thought there was a new dog in the front yard - turned out it was a new born calf. It was a little over 3 weeks early and weighs exactly 30 lbs. The momma knocked it down a couple of times and even stepped on it - should of killed it. They pulled it off and had it in the shade on the lawn. It's just the cutest little bugger that you ever saw. They're trying not to get too attached to it as there is a good chance it won't make it, but nobody can go past it without giving it a scratch.
I grafted a twin calf from another farm that weighed 45 lbs. and it made it fine. It has actually caught up with it's sibling that was much bigger at birth.

15 lbs, is pretty big difference though. What's she doing calving this late?
Late, this one was early! :lol: She runs a spring bunch and a fall bunch. Actually, the "fall" bunch is actually a "summer" bunch, but for one of the show steer markets that we are trying to supply, they need to be born about now.

I've noticed that "fall" calves cover a pretty wide swath of the calendar - generally anything other than Jan. - April gets the "fall" classification.
It'll make it... :D We had one a couple of years ago that weighted a whoopin 45 pd. Called it grasshopper. Would pick him up and put him under your arm and pack him where you wanted him to go....Had to milk the cow it seemed like for ever because he was too small to reach the teats. The cow got where you could milk her in the corral and she would stand for ya. By the time it was to sell the calves Grasshopper was as big as the others....
We had an itty bitty once also. We took what had been an old goat milking stand and re-worked it so that the little fellow could be high enough to nurse his mamma.

Momma was a show cow and would stand tied while all this went on....worked like a charm and the calf did great!

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