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3words-how's it goin'

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thanks for asking, hanta yo!! took the dad home on the 9th and headed home on the 10th...fought the horrific wind and my own tears the entire 638 miles home!! cried enough to get western montana out of the drought...if only i had bottled those tears!! but, as they say, life goes on. The sun came up today (much to my surprise :) ) and it was a beauty!! held my 5 year old on my lap while we watched the sky turn from dark blue/black to purples and pinks and promised him i would take care of myself so i would be around for a "long, long time"....god willing!! the first year heifers are doing quite well....the hubby is at a friend's bachelor party tonight, so the night calving duty falls on my shoulder...just pray they can hold out til the morning, because i really do not believe my nursing skills would come in real handy in this situation :wink: anyway, things in general are good, hanta yo, and i am optimistic that they will be even better tomorrow and if they are not...then, you make the best out of what you are handed and learn...ALWAYS learn!! Hope you all have a super day and may your bad luck make a turn for the better today!

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