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4430 J.D. Tractor

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Aug 11, 2011
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I have a 1975 4430 with a standard shift that will not shift while the engine is running. Kill it put in any gear start it and release the clutch and your in bussiness. The tractor pulls good and the pto works it'll turn a 15' bush hog. Any ideas, I was thinking a vavle body or o-ring some where? :???:
I had a 1974 4230 that did that and I ended up putting in a clutch at about 8,000 hours but I got a good year out of the old one by changing the hydrolic oil ( about 14 gal ) and a new hydrolic filter
I am guessing quad range-- clutch is preassured and not releasing when you push in start with filter, clean oil if you can find a manual at tsc it will show where to check preasures and where blockage may be- with a little work yopu can log on john deere site and with some patience find it there. go in through cluth release valve on site

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