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82 Organizations Support House Resolution to Protect U.S. Be

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Feb 13, 2005
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GOOD POST ,I guess this answers the post"who is looking out for the cattle man"....................good luck
Big Muddy rancher said:
And even the Southern Shrimp Alliance. I wonder if Haymakers the Pres. He's the Shrimpiest guy I know. Haymaker Gump :cowboy:

Pond raised shrimp are a big deal here. You can, in certain places, drill a well that produces salt water. Voila'. Fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, grilled shrimp, shrimp cocktail, shrimp scampi, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo, shrimp etufee', shrimp ka-bobs, and shrimp haymaker.
Big Muddy rancher said:
And even the Southern Shrimp Alliance. I wonder if Haymakers the Pres. He's the Shrimpiest guy I know. Haymaker Gump :cowboy:

your avatar is fitting tonite BMR,you must be smokin some good stuff.................good luck
To Haymaker & others of your persuasion!
:p I hope this list doesn't carry a lot of weight here as it consists of anti-modern ag, anti-checkoff, organic (Little Praire House), and a meriade of junk that is going to put the US Beef Industry in a world of hurt if they have their way. Get a little common sense here, people, and look ahead to the future! I don't have much of a future left but my son does and his son does...think about your kids and grandkids and what you want them to have...your Carribian cruise, trip to Europe or the ranch...nowadays, you can't always have everything. I think about my son and his family and the continuation of this outfit. I hope you think about your family too.

Wishing all Good fortune...CW
I did the grocery shopping today. For the first time I paid close attention to the sale flyers to see where the produce originated. Then I brought home what was grown in Canada, Australia and Chile. The lettuce and Strawberries from Califonia and Tomatoes from Florida stayed in the store even though they were a fair price. My small retaliation to the border closure.
Just how many of the 82 are R-CALF afiliates? and how many are Anti beef groups masked as consumer groups and I'm with you Mike what is the Nevada Committee for Full Statehood.

United States Senate passed a similar resolution rejecting USDA's plans by a vote of 52-46. During debate in the Senate, many members remarked on the lack of compliance Canada has demonstrated regarding its ruminant feeding ban; the fact our largest beef export markets remain closed to U.S. beef; and finally, mandatory country-of-origin labeling is not in place. We fully concur with these concerns and strongly believe these issues need to be resolved prior to opening the border to Canada.

Wasn't the USDA and the NCBA up here to see for themselves about our compliance and wasn't it the US federal governement that questioned the US compliance to the US feed bans

And what does Japan trade have to do with compliance to feed bans if our beef is not safe because of our non compliance then yours isn't either as the US Governement has proved you compliance to be worse than ours. Why would Japan take your beef if ours isn't good enough for you.

And if you think your flawed "M"COOL bill is going to save you by labeling only the beef in the grocery counter which is 95% US anyway I guess your should do it but don't blame your imported competition when the consumer don't buy US because R-CALF with the help of the US Senate just told them that the science you used to protect them failed in Canada.

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