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90 day weaning

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Slect Sires VP Roy Wallace gave a talk where he said he has solved a lot of problems with 90 day weaning. I first discounted it, but two things have me wondering.

I had some twins this year i gave to a neighbor girl. She fed one bag of really good milk replacer and had calf on grain. YThe calf on the mother is a great calf, but the calf she raised is just as good if not better! Eliminates the arguement calves will be sorry bunch. Besides<, I have a freind that buys 300 pounders and he gets them to be straight. Ne buys them in the fall and generally750-800 pounds by nAugust.

The second thing is the effect that this would have on the cows. Nutrition Requirements are way down. Helps them and it is more efficient to feed the calf direct than through the cow.

To do this, I think you'd need to do two things. First, one really good creep feed. Second, a heck of a calf vaccination program. Mothers vaccinated before calving and then several series to the calf. Probably would want to wean with the nose things. I think Denny had a link to them, be interested to see it again as I lost it.

For e this has some things that have me thinking. i can have my fall calves off the cow by January one, then they winter easy. If the calves wean well, then I have some Feb. grass opportunities.

Any Thoughts. Clue----- Usefull thoughts aren't , "This is dumb, who'd do that. " Shows lack of thought. Why it would or wouldn't work or if you know of anyone doing it, That's helpfull,

We wean at not alot older than 90 days with those nose deals-I think the ideal thing would be too save a field for a weaning pasture and wean right out on the grass. Do you vaccination program at branding then give booster when you put the nose deals in-a week or so later sort cows off and leave calves on pasture.
Done it for years with little problems. Nutrition and Immunization are the key. Ideally, you want 2 rounds of vaccinations BEFORE weaning with the last one 3 weeks before weaning. So the first round might be at 60 days age, and a mild ibr/bvd/pi3, clostridial, but much before 60 days doesn't get you much response. Then the THIRD round at weaning, with a pasturella. Did I mention I hate, no really really hate working small calves. Take a chill pill and pack a lunch - its slow going, just accept the reality.

I don't like creep feeding because calves at 90 days may or may not be on it - likely not. But the plan of getting them warmed up to concentrate is essential, no its damn essential. The peewees must eat and prcess corn, and we know it takes 3 weeks to get tham processing corn. I find turffy grass areas that will support feedstuffs off the ground, and in one of these areas unroll a big round bale of premium alfalfe at the rate of 7#cc pair then turn arround and feed corn (about 7#) out a cake feeder right on top of the hay. I do this every day for 2 or 3 weeks prior to weaning (every day in a clean new place), and those peewees are hunting corn and digesting it.
Finally, I don't like to wean in a bare lot, I'd rather use a grass weaning trap.
Do you guys find the calves to have good growth once past the weaning period??? Also, do you find better rebreeding, especially from first and second calf heifers???

I like the wean on grass deal. I am also thinking the nose deals to get te cow to stop feeding the calf would be a great way of doing this with minimal calf stres

we are about to wean our fall calves, they are older than 90 days, probably average 110 to 120, been doing this for years, probably should move up to January to make it easier on the cows. I do creep feed so the calves know how to eat, that is the key. I fill the creep feeders right after calving is done. Another thing we do is add bloat guard, poloxoline, to the creep. We had calves eating all of the leaves out of the alfalfa hay, eating creep and blowing up like a balloon, especially if a storm came in. The little guys would use the creep feeder for a wind break and sit there and eat all night. Problem now solved. We follow the vaccination schedule already posted. Better get to work, need to fix fence before we can wean!! have a good day

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