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90 day weanong

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Slect Sires VP Roy Wallace gave a talk where he said he has solved a lot of problems with 90 day weaning. I first discounted it, but two things have me wondering.

I had some twins this year i gave to a neighbor girl. She fed one bag of really good milk replacer and had calf on grain. YThe calf on the mother is a great calf, but the calf she raised is just as good if not better! Eliminates the arguement calves will be sorry bunch. Besides<, I have a freind that buys 300 pounders and he gets them to be straight. Ne buys them in the fall and generally750-800 pounds by nAugust.

The second thing is the effect that this would have on the cows. Nutrition Requirements are way down. Helps them and it is more efficient to feed the calf direct than through the cow.

To do this, I think you'd need to do two things. First, one really good creep feed. Second, a heck of a calf vaccination program. Mothers vaccinated before calving and then several series to the calf. Probably would want to wean with the nose things. I think Denny had a link to them, be interested to see it again as I lost it.

For e this has some things that have me thinking. i can have my fall calves off the cow by January one, then they winter easy. If the calves wean well, then I have some Feb. grass opportunities.

Any Thoughts. Clue----- Usefull thoughts aren't , "This is dumb, who'd do that. " Shows lack of thought. Why it would or wouldn't work or if you know of anyone doing it, That's helpfull,


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