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"A" Base Ball

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May 24, 2005
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The Dam End of Silicon Valley
V¬ came home last night with 2 Tickets (Luxury Box)(from a work Vender) for last nights Sold-Out Game with Oakland "A"/ LA "Angels" for First Place in the League (2nd in a Series of Games) V¬'s Kevin has Jury Duty so I had to go :roll: :D

The Vender (an Electrical Supply House) had 3 Boxes (16 People per Box) next to each other - Free Food different in each Box, 5 different kinds of Beer in each Box (15 beers) - 3 Bars, 5 different angle of view TV's in each room - Pitcher/Batter/Catcher - 1,2,3 Bases angles - and Hit ball - - Boxes were in straight away Center Field - we could wander in and out of 3 boxes Ball Park Staff would keep the rooms Stocked (Pictures to Follow)

Always one "A" Hole - - just had to dump his beer out the window on the people below, Security was all over us but they let him stay (He was the driver of four others) (I would have Outed Him) (If they had to leave also TOUGH) (Let them educate him) The Vendor told me that they did want to loose the "A"Holes's business - I told him that he should have stayed out of it and let Security Handle It - - would have been between the Ball Park and the "A"Hole (Vendor and His Company would free of Blame) (I would have taken Security aside and told them [I'm going to argue his case BUT] "No Matter What I Say You Do What You Will!" ) :mad:

Vendor was take with V¬'s interest in Sports and Says he has ticket for 49'er games also Raiders, Giants, "A" more that they will give her :D

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