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A bit if Democrat Hypocracy

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Feb 10, 2005
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Dems are continuely claiming they can't get anything through the Senate because of the Filibuster rule and needing a vote of 60 to move forward. So let's look at a bit of History

In 1789, the first U.S. Senate adopted rules allowing the Senate "to move the previous question", ending debate and proceeding to a vote. Aaron Burr argued that the motion regarding the previous question was redundant, had only been exercised once in the preceding four years, and should be eliminated.[2] In 1806, the Senate agreed, recodifying its rules, and thus the potential for a filibuster sprang into being.[2] Because the Senate created no alternative mechanism for terminating debate, the filibuster became an option for delay and blocking of floor votes......
In 1917, a rule allowing for the cloture of debate (ending a filibuster) was adopted by the Democratic Senate[4] at the urging of President Woodrow Wilson[5] after a group of 12 anti-war senators managed to kill a bill to allow Wilson to arm merchant vessels in the face of unrestricted German submarine warfare. From 1917 to 1949, the requirement for cloture was two-thirds of those voting.[6] Despite the formal requirement, however, political scientist David Mayhew has argued that in actual practice, it was unclear whether a filibuster could be sustained against majority opposition.[7].....
One of the most notable filibusters of the 1960s occurred when southern Democratic senators attempted, unsuccessfully, to block the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by making a filibuster that lasted for 75 hours, which included a 14 hour and 13 minute address by Senator Robert Byrd. The filibuster ended when the Senate invoked cloture for only the second time since 1927.[10]

After a series of filibusters in the 1960s over civil rights legislation, the Senate put a "two-track system" into place in the early 1970s under the leadership of Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield and Byrd, who was at that time serving as Senate Majority Whip. Before the introduction of tracking, a filibuster would stop the Senate from moving on to any other legislative activity. Tracking allows the majority leader – with unanimous consent or the agreement by the minority leader – to have more than one bill pending on the floor as unfinished business. Under the "two-track system", the Senate can have two or more pieces of legislation pending on the floor simultaneously by designating specific periods during the day when each matter or measure will be considered.[11][12][13][14][15][16]

Finally, in 1975 the Democratic-controlled Senate[4] revised its cloture rule so that three-fifths of the senators sworn (usually 60 senators) could limit debate, except on votes to change Senate rules, which require two-thirds to invoke cloture.[17][18] Another type of filibuster used in the Senate, the post-cloture filibuster (using points of order to consume time, since they are not counted as part of the limited time provided for debate), was eliminated as an effective delay technique by a rule change in 1979.[19][20][21]

First the filibuster is a 200+ year old tactic in the Senate. Second a Democratic Senate set the rules, and revised them in 1975, on how to stop a filibuster so do they really have a right to b*tch now when they can't get anything through the Senate because of rules THEIR PARTY set into law? :roll:

Let us not forget for two years the Dems had a FILIBUSTER PROOF Senate and still couldn't get anything through, so I doubt they can blame the Republicans for that, BUT THEY ARE :roll: Just like Obama is blaming the Republicans for his budgets not getting passed but yet not one Democrat voted for them either. :roll:

They set the rules, the Republican use those rules to stop their crap getting into law and they B*TCH and want to change the rules so they can do what ever they want to turn the US into a Socialist Nanny State. What makes me think when the Republicans take back control of the Senate the Dems will be fillibustering themselves right into the history books trying to stop the Repeal of Obamacare. :roll:


BTW I love these friggin Hypocrites, they use the all important right to filibuster to try stop important acts like the Civil Right Act, and are themselves the Party known for the KKK but decades latter they act like they are the party of Civil Rights and the Republican that fought for Civil Rights and freed the slaves are the enemies of the blacks.

I really wish the Black Communities would re read the TRUE History stories and stop letting the Democrats revise Black History to fit their agenda of getting them all dependent on the government so they don't dare vote for the Party that has a long history of protecting their rights. :roll:

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