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A Bit Short Sighted Today

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Feb 22, 2008
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west chilcotin bc
Was ditching yesterday again. Front window and door open because the windows are too dirty to see out of and cleaning doesn't last long.
Ugly going on old tailings and big brush to clear before you can see the ditch.
Anyway, a branch reached through the door and took my glasses. :roll: Looked for a bit to find then but no avail. Driving home last night was looking at cattle in the pasture, eartags at 30 yards have the ink smeared and cattle are indiscernable at 200 yards.

Going to call the eye care center today and see if they can make up a new pair for my in-laws to pick up today in Williams Lake.
You are not alone. Some one I know who reads this stuff lost his while mowing his lawn in town. Lots of trees to snag them on but can't find those darn glasses. Nothing trading a yearling for won't cure.
Lucked out. Eye clinic has my frames and prescription in stock. Since they were less than a year old warranty will pay for half so I'm only out $190.

Should be looking good again tommorow morning. :D

Does that guy you know wear his glasses on top of his head occasionally? :lol:
Losing stuff happens to a lot of old folks like yourself! :wink: :lol: :lol: Glad you got new spectacles squared away. Hope the ditching project doesn't claim any other victims. :D
You should get one of those nifty strings that goes around the back of your head to hold them on. Kinda like the strings on yer mittens, y'know? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I should talk - I lost mine last year rolling under a fence to get away from a "friendly" cow! But at least I found them- minus one lens :oops: :oops: Still had to get new ones as it all turned out, over $500 later :x

"BC rancher pulled from excavator and hung until dead by a string around his neck. Mittens were held securely in place."
Losing your glasses is a horrible thing to happen! If that happened to me I wouldn't even been able to find my way home. :oops: :shock: :shock: :shock: Good thing they can be replaced so quickly.

My best loss of glasses happened many years ago, in the young and reckless years. (aka fun times) Me and my superfast horse Abner were cleaning the clocks of a few of our friends in an impromptu race, and when I looked back to see how far behind they were. Blew my glasses right off my head! :eek: By the time I got him stopped, we were a long way from my glasses, and it took some serious hands and knees searching around by a half dozen people to find them again. Thank goodness for good friends! Without them, I'd be depending on Abner to find the way home.
I have worn glasses since I was 12, Last year the optometrist told me I didn't really need them for driving. :shock:

Hardly worn them since. :D

I still grab the to read the fine print. :?

Worst lost pair I ever had was a horse was bucking and it's head hit me in the face and broke my glasses. Bad part was I rode the horse but had to get off to pick up the pieces. :lol: :lol:

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