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A Celebrity

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Did anyone but me notice that on the main page of ranchers.net there is a compilation(sp) of Soapweeds "columns".

Macon or someone put all these in together for easy reading.

Could a book with pictures be forthcoming?

Check it out -

Soapweed's Ranch Ramblings
The writings of a Nebraska Sandhills cattle rancher!

or Soapweedy's Sound Sage Advice From A Sandhillers Perspective

any other ideas? :wink: :wink:
I noticed that last night, never had a chance yet to check it out. If there's a book, I'll bet it'll have a pile of pictures in it, too. Put me down for one Soapweed.

real jake, how much rain did you get?
It's pretty hard to make a sage purse out of a soapweed's ear. These ramblings are just observations from my perspective, from the windy side of a soapweedy hill. :wink:
Shelly, the trusty rain gauge said a half inch. It has been suffering from withdrawl symptoms though, so it might have drank some of it. You never know. :wink:

Thanks for asking.
Well, I was feeling a little guilty when I was bitching about too much rain, and you're suffering with too little. Glad you got what you did and I hope you get more.

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