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A Christian Farmer

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Jan 3, 2010
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At a meet'n of the chore trucks---a couple farmers began to chat
to discuss a little farm life---to chew a little fat
they talked about the crops---their first field of corn
they talked about their cattle---and calf that was first born

nothing real important---a little about the weather
one had just bought a saddle---complete with all new leather
they talked about their farm and ranch---what a blessing was their life
they talked about their families---and about their loving wife

so fast the time had flew---and soon it was time to part
they bragged about their trucks---as they began to start
as he drove the ol' farm truck---he came upon a curve
as he met the drunk driver---he didn't make the swerve

the other guy was DUI---and didn't have the right
and with his best friend near---the farmer lost his fight
as a couple farmers began to chat---a God heard every word
I'll farm untill my death---as i feed a hungry herd

written by richard
Mathew 22:14

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