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A day at the office

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Sep 3, 2007
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Western Nebraska
The season is turning to fall in our area. That means sick calves so I had to do some doctoring today.

One of the pasture that we are running in. All the trees make it lots of fun to try to find sick calves. Especially since the canyon sides are steep enough it makes it hard to get around on my "horse."

My "horse" is parked across the canyon behind some of the trees below the bluff.

The only wildlife that was moving slow enough for me to get pictures. I also saw quite a few muleys and some bluebirds on their way south.

She summered well.

An interesting find in a washed out bank. About ten feet down the side was a partial skeleton of what was probably a bison, buried in the bank.

A closer view.
Great pictures. We weaned the calves on the river yesterday. The guy that owns the cows sent me a picture of all the calves at the feed bunk, when he got them home. Always a good feeling when you send home 100% of the calves that came in, when you deal with the types of pastures that we have.
We will be out in your part of the state Nov 6-8.
Good photos. I wish I had my camera yesterday.

A neighbor, my Dad, and I was out riding once, and it was a real nice fall day, very pretty and peaceful. He looked over at Dad and I and said, "what do you suppose all the poor people are doing today" pretty much sums it up with views like what you have in your photos.
I went hunting this morning, I saw whitetails, muleys, elk, a coyote, and turkeys. Don't know where the antelope were. Never pulled a trigger but I'd say it was a very good hunt.
Fall is always a beautiful time in our area, especially in the hills with all of the different plants changing colors and the fall flowers blooming. The angle of the sun has changed enough that things take on a golden hue. These indian summer days are one of my favorite times of the year.

I must admit, I turn into a big kid when I get into the hills and start hiking up some of these canyons. There is an awful lot of history that they could tell. The skeleton I found was under several feet of sand and sedimentary layers of gravel at the bottom of a pretty good size canyon. It makes me wonder what things were like when that animal died. I also found several sets of initials scratched into the cliff dating back to the late '40s.

On the downside, I am going to have to get the cattle out of the hills so I can precondition them. Pneumonia is starting to rear its ugly head like it does every year at this time. Trying to get a rope on a 4-5 weight calf off of an ATV is not my idea of fun. It is about the only time of year that I wish I had a horse and knew how to rope.

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