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A day of skiing in the Black Hills

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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills
We had fun yesterday skiing at Terry Peak. Beautiful weather, good company, good snow, no lines at the lifts, and no broken bones all played a part in the success of the day. Very nice motel rooms were only $39 per room with the winter rate. We left Deadwood this morning in an unseasonal heavy December rain, which was rapidly turning to snow, and we came on home today.


Some of our party

Lift in motion

Ready to conquer the mountain

Gravity in motion

Sunshine through the pines

In lieu of horse's ears :wink:
Trying to prove I actually skied, and didn't just ride up and back on the chairlift

Going down

The Kosmo Kid and his Kousin

Hot dogger

Kosmo Kid in repose

Tired pair of skiers at the end of the day

Sunset on the slopes
Coooooool pictures! :lol:

Good to see you wearin' your hat. Now thats a real cowboy skier!

When we used to go up we'd always wear our leggin's and hats. Aftet the first few times, people quit staring and laughing at us. Might have been cuz we was gettin' to be better skiers and quit fallin' down so many times and rolling up into big snowballs! :shock:

The last time I went it was more work than fun so I quit going. Now, I just watch, but if only I'd get a snowboard for Christmas.......... :wink:
The last time I went skiing was four years ago. The snow that day was terrible; it was icy and a lot of bare dirt was showing; also my skies were too long. I bit the dust and smashed a couple times real hard that day, and have been about half gunshy ever since. Yesterday I went back to short skies--140mm--and everything went well. I made just as many trips down the mountain as anybody, and never wiped out once.

Rigormortis has kind of set in tonight, however. :( :wink:

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