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Feb 13, 2005
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Is it fair play for the canadians to push their beef/live cattle on the american cattle man createing a slump in demand and prices ,before we regain our export market that the canadian cattle man caused us to lose?Not only did the canadian cattle man cause american cattle men to lose their export markets ,the canadians are working hard to regain these markets for themselves.what does this tell you about the canadian cattle man?...............good luck PS who else has taken care of canada like AMERICA,then have them turn their back on us in the war on terrorism,while the Australians stand with us.
then have them turn their back on us in the war on terrorism,while the Australians stand with us.

We do have soldiers in Afghanistan you know. We also have added support to many other countries so that you can move more troops to Iraq. We don't have a big enough army to fight in every country the US is in right now.
These cattle will be ''pulled'' by us buyers. If there are no buyers not one head will come over the border. How simple is that to figure out. This sounds like the people that think we can ''push'' beef into Japan and Europe :roll:
Chirp chirp chirp. The Canadian Cattleman caused the American cattleman to loose his export markets. Give us all a break. If you want to keep blaming Canada for this whole mess, that's your perogative. Could spend a little time and effort finding a positive solution.
And then when you run out of cattle blaming, turn to war, and all the things that Canada is also responsible for in world wide affairs.

Your fair question deserves a fair answer Haymaker, but no Canadian, or what you would call Canadian sympathizer, will ever be able to answer a question you have already answered over and over again.

Rally your troops Haymaker, and come take over Canada, we are all bad, and we are all out to get you. :lol:
fed up. Your statement is simple and perfect. Why not stick to it rather than support statements about food safety, Canadian dumping, or unfair this or unfair that. Keep it simple, and we could all remain friends, except fo those who are incapable of compromise like our learned friend from Nebraska.
Sash, you are low life. I think you ruin the name Canadian. :evil:
Randy, you have me mixed up with somebody! The thing that offends me most is when people claim beef is unsafe, whether it be American or Canadian saying it, it pi$$es me off. That is all I ever harp about!

Sash, I am typing this as slow as I can cause I can see you can't read very fast, it you can read at all! I have never belonged to R-calf, and you really have to get over this thing you have with sheep! That seems to be all I ever see you think or post about!
Nebrusker you are just jealous that we have such good genetics in Canada, Anyone know why Nebrusker will not use any genetics from anyone who uses Canadian bulls? Because he doesnt have any cattle! His daddy and rich Grand daddy does. Hes a college frat brat!
You couldn't be more wrong. I coudn't name ONE Canadian bull that is widely used in the US. United States cattleman do not need Canadian genetics to remain profitable and that's a fact

Is the Angus breed naturally American, hell unless your talking about Red Angus, I think most of the breeds came from across the pond.

R-calf, civil question, but have you done any reading on how the firsts imports arrived in North America. Probably doesn't matter to you, but I thought I'd ask.

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