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A grand daughter and her grandpa

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leanin' H

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Nov 8, 2007
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Western Utah Desert
I wasn’t sure which place I should post this so if it’s wrong I apologize. February will be a year since we lost dad. Been a year of countless firsts without him there- bull sales, fishing, campfires, wrestling, Christmas, four wheeler rides, cow camp, etc. We have all had small tender mercies from the Lord as we remember Dad and try and smile more than we cry. My daughter Hailey sent me this as I was slogging along in the new snow finishing chores. It’s too good to not share with my friends here. It’s my prayer that those of ya who miss loved ones can have an experience of your own to remind ya of the blessing it was to have that person in your life. Here is what Hailey sent-

I guess god know who you need to talk to sometimes.

I woke up this morning mad and teary eyed because my 4-wheeler ride with grandpa had come to an end.
In the dream we talked, fished, looked for cows, and rode around on his old red wheeler.
I had gotten myself hurt somehow, and grandpa showed up on his wheeler to haul me home. Except there was on spot on a hill I had to walk on my hurt leg because it was too steep for me to ride.
But he was on his little red wheeler right there climbing the hill beside me the whole time.
We made it back to their house and I didn't want to get off the wheeler because I knew he'd have to go. That's when I woke up.
His face was brighter than normal, he still had his wrinkles and stubble.
He had his go-to flannel jacket and worn out sweat stained hat on. His hands weren't bruised and discolored. He was smiling and happy the whole time - especially when we were fishing.

I don't know why I was the one blessed to see him for a minute last night. I smelt his favorite Aqua Velva in Walmart yesterday, maybe that triggered it.
I've been a mess all morning but gosh I am thankful I got to take a ride with him one more time.

When I woke up from the dream, my window was open and the breeze was blowing pine smoke in from a neighbor that has a wood burning stove.
All my favorite memories of grandpa came flooding in from all the years sitting around the fire in Monticello. He loved that place.

As I was heading out the door to feed rosin, the big pine tree in front of our house blowing in the wind sure managed to sound like thousands blowing in the south Eastern wind. I thought about grandpa cussing it because it'd be too windy to have a fire.

I miss him too much some days, think about him often, and feel overwhelming thankful we got to take a drive one more time.


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