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A Letter From A Friend about a Tazer

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Feb 10, 2005
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dang, i must be getting old and senile, i cut and pasted from the wrong email.... :lol:

i will find the right one and repost it....sorry Casa P. that was your story from last week. I sent it to a friend, and he sent me his so called true story about an experience with a tazer.
ok, i give up...

dont you just hate when you know you want to keep something, cause you will need it later, so you put it away properly. Then when you need it you just can find it. :mad:

Oh well, i know it will show up, everything does around here. When it does i will post it then...
The ACLU is now bringing to question the use of tasers. Are they too strong? Do police use them too redily? How many people have died from them?

This liberal group cannot be satisfied. Would they rather have these violent criminals be shot or beat with a club. Now the police have a way to restrain criminals that is much less violent and dramatically lowers the percentage of injury and death during a feisty apprehending.

It has been proved that the only taser-related deaths in the country are people who either had a heart condition or were hopped-up on some type of drug.

Sure some people have been unjustly tasered by some a-hole cop with a power complex, but they could just as easily have been shot. Every incident goes under investigation, and if it is found that the cop was unjust, the appropriate steps are taken, so the a-holes are weeded out. If I were threatened with a taser, I would damn sure stop. After being shocked by an electric fence so many times as a child, I have a huge appreciation for what controlled electricity can do.

So to the ACLU: Back off and let the police do their jobs. Look at what happens to criminals in other countries, with the caning and long prison terms. Our criminals get a slap on the wrist, free food, and cable TV, so what's the problem.
My wife works in law enforcement and had to take tazer training. They showed a film of a bull getting tazer'd. She said he dropped like a ton of bricks. Then all of the students knelt down and locked arms, in a circle. They gave the whole buch a hit. She said that it locked all of her muscles up. Wasn't unusually unpleasent, but she wouldn't want it done again! I loved it, as she hit me with a hot shot, before we were married. I still married her. I told her that marrying me was her just rewards for doing that to me! I hate electricity, when it's going thru' my body! :mad: :lol:

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