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a little diversion for ot

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Feb 10, 2005
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are canadians who raise doubts the real thing and friedlander is a crackpot or what????
This guy must be pretty certain if he is willing to take a lie detector test. Maybe we could get a few R-CALFers in there to test the machine first just to make sure the lie detector buzzer works. :lol: :lol: :lol:
i expect we'll see some attempts to discredit him but he's making this statement in front of the commons agriculture committee. if he's telling the truth who will r-calf blame for killing the american market? then we'll see lawsuits that will make the latest one in canada look like a parking ticket.
i guess r-calf's overwhelming concern for animal and human health and safety will make them call for a full and fair investigation of this charge. lol. or were they lying about that being their motivation????
patriotism is a great thing - especially if it includes safeguarding your country from enemies within who might also claim to be patriots. what's the saying - patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel? we've seen that in canada the last couple of months where bureaucrats and politicians have claimed that lying and diverting public funds were in the national interest but they have surely turned out to be scoundrels, liars and crooks.
Let's see...... the separatists in Quebec, who openly campaign to split the country are allowed their opinions. We don't have to like it, but we recognize their right.

I would say a campaign to dismantle the country that is allowed to be debated in an open manner would definitely qualify as freedom of speech. :D

As for the scoundrels in Ottawa, they may have hidden behind patriotism to pull their stunts, but no one really seriously believed it! They used the Quebec issue to line their pockets, but that is what is so often the result of one party being in power way too long. :roll: That's a whole other story... :? And it has nothing to do with freedom of speech.
Lets not forget the fact that we have a communist party here. As distasteful as that is to me, it is a symbol of how free we are up here that we tolerate it. We don't vote for it, but it aint against the law.
:) Awe reader(the second) you got me at seditious. If we are comparing free countries here.

Let's just see whose a$$ gets kicked first. A violent plotter in the USA, or a violent plotter in America.

Now you can twist that on around and say that the USA is better because of that.
reader the second:

Unfortunately I agree with MLA - his chances are not good regardless of whether he is telling the truth or not

We live in a great country where our system allows people to speak out

please reconcile those two statements from the same post. what you said is what many of us up here feel we're up against. the american govt. can do no wrong in the eyes of many of its citizens so lies will pass for truth if told by the proper authority.
When I type in the word that rymes with bass and doesn't have a b in front, somebody instantly changes my word to "not nice"

Read my post again and when it says "not nice" substitute bass without the b.
reader (the Second) said:
Was Nixon a lawyer? I am guessing Clinton weaseled out because of lawyer language whereas Nixon just kept lying and lying until he found himself against a wall. Or the times were different? Or breaking and entering is worse than perjury?

Nixon simply took the "high road" where Clinton had rather think of himself. Nixon did not know of the "breaking and entering" until after the fact.
frenchie said:
Guess Ot,s sleeping :lol:

Good to be missed Frenchie- not sleeping- been busy looking at all the other sites and watching the Canadians scrambling all over the place on the new lawsuit... Ol Kaiser and the attorney are really going at each other on Agri-ville....

Sure is good to see there is such a common consensus coming forward from the Canadians :roll: And so much agreement on the "sound science" surrounding it :lol:

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