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A look at dry country

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Faster horses

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains


Hilltop grazers!

Well, I got two out of three. I got 2 pictures on together, and put them in the wrong place.!!
Nice pictures, Faster Horses. It's good country even if it is a bit dry. At least the shorter trees are green and the tall ones are colorful. The cattle are fat and sassy, and that is all that really matters.
Was just thinking, where in the hell did I leave my overshoes, just in case!
So are ya doing a happy dance now??? How much snow do you have??? Guess it just builds charecter.. Anyway hope your livestock are all fine. Ours were a little chilly this morning when we checked them. Might have one calf with an ear down... Will tell more in the morning.....
I missed your pictures earlier FH. I don't always take time to read all the sections of this site. Looks great to me. I have always admired that creek with the timber on it. I am pretty sure I know which one it is, and that is a nice area right there. It has always looked like great shelter to me. :D

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