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A man's dog.

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Big Muddy rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Big Muddy valley
You ladies are always talking about your sweet little corgi's but here is a man's dog.

Looks like he knows a good snoozing spot when he finds it-- My wife wouldn't let the dogs on her furniture so my female thinks she is putting one over on us, because when we go to bed I hear her jump up in my old rocker- then if you start coming up stairs she jumps out and the rocker is still rocking when you get there....Wife has gotten used to it and I just let the old dog think she is fooling us.....
Awww, love those little pink padded feet and fuzzy muzzle. What is his blend? Reminds me a little of our old part border collie mix Sneaker who chose to sleep in my great aunt Florence's hand me down beautifully-upholstered wingchair.
Aunt Florence would have turned over in her grave if she knew!
Oh Big Muddy I love your pup!!!! :lol:

In all truth I really wanted a border collie as that is what I was raised with but the hubby said no---but had good reasons. He knew that I would have the dog in the house (If my house is good enough for me it's good enough for a dog--preferable the well behaved house broke type!) and he wasn't crazy about a border packing all the farm goodies in on it's tail! I guess he didn't realize the that "lowrider" Corgi would pack it all in on her belly and chest! And being on the place with his grandfather, father, and brother, we knew that there would be lots of bosses for the poor dog. From experience with my folks' borders-that doesn't work all that well. They seem to be very one people dogs.

One of the funniest things that happens at my parents is the border collie Rocky is my dad's dog---the likes my mom, but his master is Dad. I laugh everytime I go home because Mom tries to boss Rocky around but he doesn't listen---oh wait he's acting just like my Dad!!!

Anyway, great dog---Jack is awesome. Please post an updated picture occasionally will ya?

By the way, on an unrelated subject-your SK Stockman's (I hope that is right) Assn. has a wonderful magazine. I have tried to look at most of the issues online. You are truely from some beautiful county. Please tell the editor that they do a great job with the magazine. The ND Stockman have a wonderful magazine too---I don't know if it's online or not.

Have a great day everyone! I hope you don't blow away if the wind is like it is here!

I bring my dogs up to stay on their rug. My old 15 year old B Collie Susi preceeds my kids and wife by 6 or 7 years, and Susi has no question about pack order. When I'm on the floor reading or playing with my kids, sus drags in her rug right next to me.

I've been bringing along a pup (that's right my old B Collie had a litter of pups when she was 14), and keep him (Bucky) in my feedtruck. Bucky's only 6 or 7 months old, but my wife and kids are the only people he'll let in the truck.

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