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A moment of epiphany!!

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Northern Rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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You know how companies are always giving reccommendations as to how much antibiotic to deliver at each injection site-take it to heart. This last little health deal is getting 20ml's of product back flushed into my liver every day-it is pretty painful you can feel the tissue move aside as it tries to accomodate the extra. So if reccommendations are to halve doses and vary sites follow them your cattle will thank you.
think'n of ya NR.i have had 2 family members in and out of the hospital this week.
reminds me of the shot my brother got for rabies.it was a large dose[like 10-20 mls] at the bite location.in his case it was all in a finger,,just under the skin.you could actually see his finger grow like a cucumber.
sending prayers.
My daughter went through the rabis shots and I never questioned how slow they administered the shot untill the last one....for some reason they kept us waiting for 3 hours no 911's came in or had....when the nurse after I went upstairs to get some help gave the shot she did it so fast it pushed the needle out and shot all over. Daughter said that hurt so bad. Gotta hurt when we rush on animals too.
Keep yer chin up NR. Hope it all works out soon. Did you ever check out those natural remedies I posted the link to? Or try youtube and search for "Jerry Brunetti". Listen to his presentations on nutrition and cancer - it'll change how anyone looks at food. That's all cancer comes down to in my opinion - nutrition.
this nurse is sending prayers your way.....don't let it get ya too down!! got alot of folks here pulling for you!!!
Hang tough ya old fart! I remember giving some cats that had been sick for awhile some la 2000.... We thought we killed em... But in a couple of days they were snotless.... :D :D Disclaimer::Don't try this at home.
NR:I admire your attitude and hope this treatment goes well I am not sure I would have the courage you have faced with such a situation, I have a sister in law that bravely fights cancer since March of 2006 and greatly admire her courage also. I think I know what keeps you both going but just don't think I would have your strength.
You just wake up every day and deal with things as best you can-my family is my rock and some great friends. The Dr's and nurses are out of this world-for those of you who still have your health relish the fact you can still go out and get a blister-the worst days I've ever had ranching I'd give anything to relive. I've been blessed to do what I want most all my life-made some incredible friends and have travelled some great country. The whole deal is like playing a tough road game in hockey nobody knows how it will end but you battle till the end. Everybody here has been so supportive and I appreciate that to no end.
NR, prayers and cheers for all the great posts I've read of yours over the years. Lots of good advice just like the one beginning this thread, plus the fun stuff makes you a great contributor here.

I've been blesses because the two times I've fought cancer have been win-able! We had our Quad County Relay for Life at Midland last weekend. I had breast cancer 8 years ago, and thyroid cancer almost three years ago. I know how hard even the 'easy' ones are, so can only imagine the trials of the tough types.

Take care, and best wishes for super results from this treatment.

You've eradicated EXT's from your herd and lived to tell, so I'm betting you'll be able to eradicate this damn cancer too :shock: .

I can honestly say you've been the most influential person on this site to my thinking of what sort of cowherd I'm trying to build/maintain. You always have a no nonsense approach, and I appreciate all of the advice you've shared with us.

Get some rest, and get well soon... we've got lots more cattle talk to discuss :D.
Hey Northern Rancher. Keep up the good fight, as I know you will. I still have a bull for you to come look at. So, as soon as your healed up, I would love to show him to you. Our thoughts and prayers are for you and your family. Your comments about doctors and nurses and the amount of caring and the job they do is so true. We have had our own health issues here and the amount of care and support we have received is amazing. I will expand upon it later with more of the story.

I agree with everyone else here NR, especially Wyoming Rancher. I'm not sure how I would deal with what you are going through, but you are an inspiration. Keep it up.
Still soldiering on get to go on a 400 mile road trip to a different hospital today. The local nurses were treating me pretty good hope i don't get stuck in saskatoon.
Finally home-I look like a skinny little s...house rat so my main job is to try and put on some weight. My weight seems to be stopped at 180 but I look a bit lighter than that-so I guess I just let Shauna pamper me then go on romantic walks I should be able to handle that.
Eat up there chappie.

May I recommend the apple pie and ice cream upon which I seem to do very well - it fills in the cracks rather well after a feed of roast beef and creamed peas beside the mashed taters.

Easy on the taters because it takes away perfectly good space which could be better filled with beef and pie....you get the idea. In your case, gluttony is permissible. :)

The walks should help build appetite too. I see some real possibilities here!

Soldier on!

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