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A perfect day...

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Liberty Belle

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Feb 10, 2005
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northwestern South Dakota
This was one of those nearly perfect days that linger in your memory for years. My oldest grandson and his mother flew out of Rapid City for Washington, DC this morning for the National History Day competition. His Dad and one of his uncles left with a trailer load of cowboys, cowgirls and horses for rodeos in North Dakota and Grandpa is down in the Black Hills cutting alfalfa on another son's place. That left the other three grandkids home alone with Grandma, which is always an adventure.

We built sandwiches, threw a shovel and a jug of water in the old fencing pickup and took a trip up into our west pasture for a picnic down in a deep brushy draw near the big dam. After the welcome moisture we've gotten, the grass is lush and beautiful, making it hard to even find the dim trails that lead to the fishing dam.

Lunch always tastes wonderful when you can eat it under the shade of an overhanging slab of sandstone with a few kids who have good stuff to tell you. The kindergarten aged grandson explained the principles of math to us, his third grade sister dug wild rose bushes to plant in her Mom's flowerbed and his eighth grade sister kept them both out of the poison ivy while she translated some of the rock music lyrics we'd heard on the pickup radio on the way to our picnic spot. Oddly enough, I kind of liked the song after she translated for me.

After identifying much of the local flora and fauna and digging some plant specimens for replanting at home, we packed up to leave when the little man said he had to go p-o-p. With much hilarity, his nine-year-old sister explained that it was spelled p-o-o-p and we hustled right along when he replied that if he didn't get to p-o-o-p pretty soon he was going to pop!! Luckily, we made it home before there were any accidents to report.

Life is good…. :D
That is a great age- kindergarten into gradeschool years. Isn't it fun hearing their rendition of life! We just babysat our 2 yr old grand for a few days to give her mommy a break and were reminded about how simple things can be to keep them interested- her favorite seemed to be sitting in the parked car IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT Pushing Buttons. Wonder what that says about her future personality! :roll:

Thanks for the posting LB
Liberty---thank you for such a simple, beautiful post to remind all of us of the beauty of simple things that make life worth it!!

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