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A Rancher Lady ?

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Feb 13, 2005
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A Rancher lady got stopped by a cop for running a red light.
The cop asks to see her license
Oh I don’t have one officer
The startled cop says why are you driving on the road then.
Oh I had to, to get rid of the body.
What body
Why the body of my husband that I have in the trunk. You see he was giving me a hard time and I got sick a tired of always cleaning up after him.
By this time the cop starts to back up tells her to stay where she is and calls for back up
In about ten minutes there are three squad cars there and the lady is approached by the chief of police.
"I understand you have a body in the trunk" The lady says why no I don’t
You mean you don’t have the body of your husband in the trunk? Why of course not.
Well do you have a drivers license?
Of course officer her it is and she hands him her drivers license as she pops the trunk.
Well my officer said that you told him you did not have a license and that you had the body of your husband in the trunk. Says the chief.
Yea said the lady and I’ll be the liar told you I ran that stop sign too.

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