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A South Devon question?

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Australian Cattleman

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Feb 11, 2005
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Northern NSW Australia
Can any South Devon breeders tell me what are the most used, or popular South Devon bloodlines in the US & Canada?
What constitutes a full blood in the SD registry? Here in Australia a fullblood is an animal that has direct ancestry from England with no infusions of any other country's genetics.

A fullblood in Canada is the same as Australia. In the USA a fullblood is a animal that can trace back 31/32 South Devon.

Most of our genetics is Leachman, Cimmaron and DLCC breeding. We are now infusing some english/Austrailia genetics with these bloodlines. I am planning on using some Lankmark, and Torr Down semen this spring.

There is breeders here that use British genetics, but I am not sure what they are using, other than Shortline Ashely, a UK imported sire.

Our bull sale is coming up March 26,2005. Do you want me to send you a sales cataloge? Send me you mail address.

Hope this helps you

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