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A summary of my week...

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Angus Cattle Shower

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Feb 25, 2005
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Saturday: Sparks came out of computer moniter and we ordered a new computer (ours is a 98 model and we can't use the new camera on it)
Sunday:Got ready for ski trip
Monday: Went skiing and Dad fell on a Black Diamond fter I went down with no errors 8) and he bruised a rib.
Tuesday: Loaded three Semi's and got the 700 stuck, so had to shovel for another 1/2 hour
Wednesday: Shoveled two semi's full of the grain pile. Dad pushed grain up with the workbull and I shoveled. Ran to the porch to shoot at a coyote and I cut my foot to the bone. The coyote was lucky. Caught up to the coyote on the 700 and chased him off our property and the neighbor and I set up a plan and shot him.
Thursday:Lost 2 calves in the cold within 1/2 hour of when we went out (1 hour intervals)
Friday:Butcherd a pig
Saturday: Snowmobiled
Sunday: Baby sat and snowmobiled.

I bought a cow that was bred for the 17th but she isn't showing many signs so we think that the semen diddn't catch, and was bred by his bull three weeks later.

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