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A Tarentaise question?

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Australian Cattleman

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Feb 11, 2005
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Northern NSW Australia
Has any one on this site used Tarenataise over South Devon or Brahman?
We are trying to get a bull to use over SDs and Brahmans and South Brahvons. Are Tarentaise safe to use on heifers?

Colin & Helen
Leachman's had a composite that included SD/Tarentaise-some Tarentaise bulls calve great but not all of them do for sure-Kit Pharo would probably have semen on a calving ease one if you are intertested.,
We have used some tarentaise/SD crosses. Make great mothers.

We bought the heifers from one of our bull customers, he had tarentaise and tarentaise/herford cows.
My brother has had a tarentaise bull for about 5 years. We seem to get big discounts on the coloring and also like the Limos, a lot of pretty high strung calves. On the up side the cows are excellent mothers with alot of milk.

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