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Age a horse

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Mar 6, 2011
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Pull a tail hair out of a horse , 1 with no cracks or splits in it a ft long about . You need a gold ring & glass . put the the hair through the ring .Pick up the ends of the hair in in your index finger & thumb of each hand . Now lower the ring into the glass so it hangs free on the hair in the middle of the glass , this works best with your elbows on the table hold the ring still . This is like wishing water if you can do it or not some people can some cant . The ring will swing back & forth & start to bang on 1 side of the glass or the other . 1 hit for every year the animal has been alive .

VB showed me this , Dont laugh , try it . & if you know this Please explain how it works .....I cant
Well I didnt have, well I couldnt get to the box with my gold rings.
So I used the silver with gold rope around the ring which is a horseshoe LOL
I found a good tail hair and tried this.
Took a min to move then when it did it hit the glass 18 times then slowed down and stopped. I did it 3 times all the same results. So maybe a silver ring tells you how long the horse will live?????? Or maybe it will be 18 mins before this storm produces RAIN. oh well killed a few mins for me.
Holly is 3, just turned the first of June.
Oh well a bit more than 18 mins BUT we got so far a good 10 min rain and now we have hail LOL Dont matter since its small and its WET.
then ya aint no witch, i have seen it work to many times for it to be BS, i have no idea why it does however. i can find water, cant tell ya how deep or how much, but i can find it, there are some that can tell ya

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