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Age of cow a guess

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Feb 10, 2005
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I can't believe the owner doesn't know the age of the cow.

Not really related .....but on the topic of age of cows..... we have a cow that by all guess-timation between us and the Angus Assoc is the oldest reg Angus cow alive today. She's a 1978 model!!

She's just an old pet cow, half blind, hardly any teeth so we have to 'slop' the cow in the evenings. But she has her own lot, her own room in the barn and life is good. She really seems to hate other cows...guess she thinks she's a bit better than they are!!!
Sorry, I guess I just thought everyone knew the ages of ALL their cows.
Lots of grass, it has all turned, so any thunderstorm will have to be babysat for the rest of the season. No green in sight except on a few of the early cut meadows that had water ran on them, not many got runoff though. Last year we never had the storms to start fires and even if we did we had no grass to burn. Cows are fat and calves growing like bad weeds. Should be able to winter on grass and tubs if we don't get covered in snow.
rancher, your grass has all turned? I guess I didn't think you would be brown yet.

Our grass is still green. I went to Billings last Saturday and I was suprised at how brown it is around Billings. Wasn't expecting to see that, I guess.
It is the third week in July come to think about it.

BTW, glad to have you back! :nod: :nod: :D
Age of cows? Most folks I know don't have any idea how old each cow is. They rome the land and once or some times a year some guys come with dogs and catch the calves. The owner does put out hay in the winter but they don't even know how many or how old.

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