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AI sire "Rookie" Sim-Angus offspring pics...

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Jun 8, 2006
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The first 2 animals are 13 month old steers on our feedlot. The white-face calf is a full brother to the first steer. The first black heifer calf is 3/4 angus the other one is 50-50 sim-angus. They look like twins side-by-side. The white-face bred heifer is about 20 months old in the pic. The calf nursing it's mother is a 3/4 simmental steer calf. All the calves pictured are 5 to 6 weeks old.

Our steers are all banded at birth and we do not creep feed. Our AI sim-angus calves born starting march 1st weaned out at right around 700lbs. in mid- october. Thats a good 150lbs. heavier than most of the calves out of our angus herd sire. For this reason we have searched out and found a high-quality, proven, 3-year old sim-angus herd sire for this breeding season. He has been used on heifers for 2 seasons with no problems so should do a good job for us.
Forgot to add that our steers are fed out from weaning on- on a 90% forage- 10% high-moisture corn ration with a small amount of soybean/distillers mix and free-choice salt. The haylage pile is now gone so it is hay alone from here on out for forage. Didn't make any corn silage last year- they don't seem to be missing it in their growth rate.
keep up the good work, seems like your getting alot more growth out of the simmi's crossed over on the angus.
Your cattle look to be in good condition. You are fortunate to have some mud around. It's been pretty dry here, though we've received about two tenths of an inch of rain today.
We are needing rain as well. Only got a bit less than 2/10ths here as well last night. Thats all it takes to totally slop up the lots. Got .8 inches here about a week ago that helped alot.

Got all our wheat and oats in the ground now. Finished up today. Got rain in the forecast- but you know how forecasts go :lol:

The sky totally dried up here last August and hardly got more than a dusting most of the winter. Made for a great calving season so far with no losses and only 1 or 2 pulls that were actually neccessary. got 8 left to calve.
Silver said:
sandtrap said:
What breed are the black and white spotted cattle?

That's where yer CAB comes from :lol:

The whiteface cattle are 3-way crosses- 1/2 simmy, 1/4 angus, 1/4 hereford in the case of the steers. The heifer is 1/4 angus with the balance being mostly simmental.

Most of our calves are half angus or more.

We are getting to the point where most of our cows are 50-50 sim-angus and are going to be running a 50-50 sim-angus herd bull on them from here on out if it continues to work well.

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