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Alabama Pictures

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Feb 11, 2005
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Ok. Click on the link and see if this workes. I have made the folder public so you will need a read only password. I set that to( ranchnet ).

Some one let me know if it workes.

Alabama said:
Ok. Click on the link and see if this workes. I have made the folder public so you will need a read only password. I set that to( ranchnet ).

Some one let me know if it workes.


Alabama - It works...You look like you're as dog poor as I am-- didn't see any "greasy" bulls :lol: I was afraid you hadn't stuck your picture of you and your shorts in the hayfield :D - I remember you from that pic since you e-mailed me it and your snow pictures...
The black dog is not mine. She is hear for the summer with my girlfrind's son. I have two yellow dogs.
I forgot to get pictures of the field gardens. I will try and get some of those soon.
The picture of the old lady is the lady who I feed her cows in the winter. She ownes the old JD and wants to sell it. Does any one know what year it is? The kids in the swing are my daugther and her boyfriend.
Wonderful pictures Alabama and a pretty daughter. Looks like peaceful country and cattle down there.
Thanks for sharing, I like to see other places and other things. Sure looks nice and green, but I bet your summers would kill me!!
Good looking pictures Alabama,Im waiting on the tractor pictures and the others your gonna post like they say ,a picture is worth a thousand words........good luck PS it looks like the first storm of the season is gonna hit you dead center,hope you are caught up on your baleing.
Haymaker: The tractor pictures are in the photo bucket link but on the next page or two. I don't have any hay on the ground but I do need to cut some. No since in cutting now with a foot of rain on the way. I can wait another week without too much damage too the quality.

FH: Most of my calves have a lot of red in the coat. Some of it is the fast growth. They are growing so fast it is hard for the coat to keep up. They will shed out after weaning and the weather cools off this fall. Some of the red is also due to he sun bleaching out the color. They are on free choice mineral "right-now". It is a good mineral and they seem to be eating plenty. Some of the cows on the rented pasture are a little fat due to the great clover crop this spring. The calves are looking good too. They are January and February calves that will go 600 to 500 pounds with no creep feed. The calves at home are first calves off heifers and they are being creep fed to help the young cows keep up. Like they say "It is cheaper to feed the calf than it is to feed the cow to feed the calf."
One more little thing (or two)~I loved the Golden Retreiver. Don't they just have the most pleasant expression? I think they are great dogs and I am not a bird dog, retreiver person; but I sure think a lot of the Golden Retreivers as a breed, and as individuals.

And, when 'they' say it is cheaper to feed the calf than it is to feed the cow to feed the calf, I always thought that was in regard to WEANING the calf from the cow. Cheaper to feed the calf and to feed the cow WHEN SHE IS NOT LACTATING. When you are creep feeding, you are helping the calf, but you are doing nothing for the lactating cow. So, what we say is: "Take care of the cow and she will take care of the calf." I could be mistaken, but I think that is why Mike uses the Forage Pro. He supplements the cow and with that extra feed she can take care of the calf and do herself some good. I know that is why we use it in dry conditions in the fall.

Just a different way of looking at things.
Faster horses said:
Alabama, I was just ribbin' ya. That's why I put the emoticons by my posts!

However, I have NEVER heard of Angus having a red tint because they were growing so fast the haircoat couldn't keep up. Where did you ever hear that?

It's true FH they do turn red. The Chars turn blue when growing fast, see?
FH: I am feeding the first calf heifers while they are lactating. They get 5 pounds of cottonseed a day to help keep them growing. As for the red tent in the calves? As you will notice a cow or calf the is not getting quite enough nutrition they tend to have a rougher coat. A cow that is holding her own or gaining should be slick as a button and shinny black. As the nutrition goes down the first thing to show is a rough coat.
You may have something with creep feeding a nursing calf. I guess the only way creep feeding would help the momma would be if the calf is not nursing as much or as often. But I agree that creep feeding a nursing calf is not helping the cow very much. Those calves from two year old heifers do much better on creep though. The calves in with the older cows are not being fed nor or the mommas. And both cows and calves look better than the fed heifers. It is just hard for a two-year-old to raise a fast growing calf and keep herself growing too. Several of the commercial guys don't calve their heifers until their third birthday. I think they are loosing but then they never feed anything but hay and grass.
I am interested in this creep feeding and calving out two-year-old heifers. I have always weaned the calves off the heifers at 5 to 6 months and weaned off grown cows at 6 to 7 months. Perhaps I should do it sooner. Comments?
Another thing on the red tented calves. When I have clipped the young ones for a sale, after about a week they are jet black and shinny coat. I guess the red hair is hair that has not shaded just right.
Maple Leaf Angus said:
Faster horses said:
How did you do that, anyway? :lol:

Feed them the right mineral and you can get them any colour you like! Thought you would know that, FH! :D :D

Mike must be on the Right Now Emerald program :lol:

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