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Alberta Fire

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Feb 28, 2008
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Mid-western Ontario
Unbelievable fire(s) going on in Slave Lake, Alberta. A big part of the town of 7,000 burned up in a wild fire that roared in from forest fires to the east of the town.

It happened so fast that it is a wonder that there were no injuries or fatalities.

Anybody on here from around there?

I'm not but Meadow Lake came close yesterday-the water bomber base is two miles from our house-the two mills almost got their log piles caught which wouldn't of been great. When you travel that country up by Slave Lake you can see where big fires have went before-it must be scary up there.
Shepard is not close but is likely getting some smoky conditions if the wind is right.

I wonder how many experts sat back and watched until the fire got to big to handle as has been the case in this country over the last few years. One fire boss told his straw-bosses in 2009 that they were going to let the bug-kill burn, if there happened to be a stump ranch in the way it was too dam bad.
My brother is fine (or as fine as a little brother can be). There was another fire near his place when the wind knocked a tree into the powerline, but the neighbours spotted it and put it out. It is scary days up there. Wind here has been running a steady 60+mph for three days. I can't imagine how fast it would push a set of flames.
RSL glad your brother is ok. Pretty scarey when you got family in something that bad.

I remember a fire around 10 years ago up north. Had high winds blowing then too. The firefighters couldn't catch. They were calling for help all over.
Some people left their homes to go help fight it and came back to their homes being gone.
Maybe H'76 remembers this one.

Glad that no one lost their life in it.

Watched another video of all the "lookie loos" they needed to get out of there and off the highway.
Pretty scary business for sure. I saw the smoke moving in yesterday and wondered what was going on then I turned on the news and saw the mess. It's pretty hazy here and we are a long ways away so it must be bad over east.
Are about 4 hours from Slave Lake.Heavy smoke all day yesterday.Is amazing to go from winter to fire season in 2 weeks. Heard today things were bit relaxed there.wind started blowing at 60 mph ,then was out of control. Big fire at Little Buffalo east of Peace River.Moved people out of there this AM.
Some nice places burned down in Slave Lake.Friend lost retirement home just built last summer.Was pruty nice.
Would break your heart to lose all your personal stuff.
So flooding in south , fires in north .Mother Nature showing her power.
Things north of Peace River are amazing. just dry enuff to seed. grass
6 inches high.best spring I can remember.lots to be thankfull for.

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